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    Best And Worst Cities For Renters

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    Re: Best And Worst Cities For Renters

    Well...I'm surprised the Los Angeles area gets no mention as being one of the worst for renters. My Daughter lives in N.Hollywood and can barely eek out an existence there working for reality TV shows. Her apt (Studio) a shabby and run down affair costs her 1025.00 per month. When I visited her last time I asked her if there were any better places she could move to. She said she was in the "Garden Spot" of the area for the price.

    I did some checking around and she was right. It's misserable for young folks starting out in a city like that. Sure...lots of opportunities, but also lots of expense and lots of competition for

    Thanks for the article Badlandsviking

    Where is Frostbite Falls Minnesota?

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    Re: Best And Worst Cities For Renters

    Note to self: Never move to California.

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