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    Re: Best pickup lines.

    This one always works"do you want tickets for the game tomorrow"Ive heard it works but i dont know
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    Re: Best pickup lines.

    Excuse me for staring.I mean I have seen lovely women before,or I thought I had till just now...
    If winning isn,t everything,why keep score?

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    Re: Best pickup lines.

    "shockzilla" wrote:
    "PurplePackerEater" wrote:
    "shockzilla" wrote:
    How about an oldie but goodie?

    I'm the guy your mother warned you about.

    By the looks of your picture I believe you! j/k :lol: :lol:
    Heh heh - that's funny! One question though: why is it that EVERYONE ASSUMES that that is me in my sig picture?
    Well Shock if that isn't you in the pic then I think we should all be vewry vewry afwaid. :razz:

    What I find interesting is that all these pickup lines I see posted here were popular in the mid 70's and early 80's. Maybe there aren't any contemporary lines.
    I suppose "I just filled up on antibiotics and had a blood test, wanna take me for a spin" doesn't really work. :lol:
    It was a lot more fun before the STD age I think. ale:
    I did have a friend that would pretend that he was dumb, (unable to speak), and would walk up to chicks and start signing to them. Then about 5 min into it he would say "sorry its just you left me speechless". Worked like a charm. :smile:


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    Re: Best pickup lines.

    "KennyJman" wrote:
    Ask the girl if she has a little Norwegian in her.

    When she says "No", ask her "Would you like some?"
    I tried that one on my girlfriend! She didn't get it though...dumb blondes. :roll:

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    6-KINGS Guest

    Re: Best pickup lines.

    1)Hi, I am an unmarried Dr and I need someone to fly to Cancun with me.
    Money and trips..........she already creamed.

    2)When she says how are you answer "well you know baby, rockin and rollin' and what not"
    That means you watch GREASE and chicks love GREASE

    3)Can I borrow your phone my now ex girlfriend just left with mine and I need a ride home.
    Chicks love running to the rescue.

    4)I don't know you but can you help me for 5 minutes.I need to find a gift for my Mother.

    And I'm Rick James BEOTCH!!!!

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    Re: Best pickup lines.

    Here's a couple:

    "Damn girl, I wanna have your baby"
    -haven't used this, but I think it might get a laugh

    "Do these pants make my butt look big?"
    - have used w/ mixed results

    "You're a pretty hot fat chick"
    -would not recommend this one, but it's hilarious

    "You've got beautiful breasts"
    -It's difficult, but try to remain respectful, if she does have beautiful breasts and a sense of humor, and you're being sweet instead of being an asshole, this actually does work.

    Sometimes a "Wow!" and then improvise after that.
    The "Wow" usually gets her attention, then you can complement her eyes or her hair or whatever made you say wow about her.

    "You're pretty hot, I think I'll talk to you"
    -I actually used this one several years back and ended up getting the girl and a bunch of her friends to come party with us. She actually ended up dating one of my friends for a few months. But considering we got all 4 of them back to our campsite, I'd say that it was successful.

    Joey's line does work and occassionally the Austin Powers "Do I make you horny?" does too, but above all else be yourself and don't be nervous. Any line, no matter how good, will not yield results without a smooth delivery. The delivery is 90%. If you make her laugh without her thinking you're an asshole or an idiot, and you don't look like Shrek, you're halfway there.

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