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    Bennet to be traded?


    It may just be ramblings and rumors but I read ( and sure you all have too) that Bennet may be traded. I'm really not sure what we could get for him, but they say it may be to Arizona.

    I say do it, and bring on Mewelde and Moe, they may not be the best, but at least they can break a tackle.

    Next year when we draft our number 1 pick, how about a POWER running back. The Denny Green era, of fast, finesse running backs in MN is long gone, lets start by doing the opposite of what that nim-rod did and draft someone who is reliable, runs downhill, and provides a confidence for Culpepper and the rest of the team. Anyone? Maybe that's just me.

    I really hope the Packers have their worst season in history, that would be a God send.

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    Re: Bennet to be traded?

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