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    Re: Belgian beer company bids $46B for Budweiser maker

    Next thing you know, Honda will buy GM and Toyota will buy Ford.
    Pathetic, I say.

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    Re: Belgian beer company bids $46B for Budweiser maker

    Everyone has a price.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: Belgian beer company bids $46B for Budweiser maker

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    Next thing you know, Honda will buy GM and Toyota will buy Ford.
    Pathetic, I say.
    Ambev/Busch never would have happened if the dollar wasn't beaten down.
    Can't go any further than that without getting political.

    Have a nice day my fellow east coast friend!

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    Re: Belgian beer company bids $46B for Budweiser maker

    "gagarr" wrote:
    "Mr" wrote:
    "C" wrote:
    "NordicNed" wrote:
    "cajunvike" wrote:
    I had heard about this last week or so...that's just un-American.
    Tell them to go buy Miller instead!
    Why don't they just go bid on the Beast...LMAO.....

    That sure is alot of shares Bud Stock.....WOW

    I didn't know this but, they do have TWO dam good beers of their own.

    Beck's, Stella Artois

    When I was drinking,
    I really enjoyed the Stella Artois,
    really nice light beer...
    And Heineken..

    Stella is a favorite of mine.

    Let's face it, Europe does beer better than the US.
    I don't know about that last statement actually.

    Go to the closest liquor store that carries semi-obscure beers, like small brewery stuff, and see if you can find Victory Prima Pilsner.

    It's $9 a six pack, but well worth it. I'm getting my dad a case of it for father's day.
    I do know about that statement.

    Just trying european beer that is exported is not an indication of how good there beer is.
    I've spent over 3 years in Germany and travelled extensively while there.
    The really good beer is not exported in any quanity if at all.
    If you try to get a major exported beer like Lowenbrau, German's will laugh and say they only export that swill.

    I got the same response in Australia when I looked for Foster's.
    It's hard to find as Aussies won't drink it as XXXX and Victoria Bitter is more popular.

    The best commonly found beer I had in Europe was a Czech beer spelled Budweizer (trademark dispute with AB), but is FAR superior.
    There are also LOTS of lesser available beers that are even better, especially in Belguim where they treat beer like the French treat their wine.
    Actually, some of their beer comes in wine like bottles and cost $20+ a bottle.

    The best commonly found beer in Australia is Redback.
    It is not exported outside AU, NZ, and Singapore.

    I would love to give Victory Prima Pilsner a try but they don't distribute to AZ.
    But when I get to CA, TX or out east I'll see if I can find it.

    If a Belguim company buys AB it can only make the beer better, which IMO will not be hard to do.
    I wasn't talking about Budweiser at all. Victory is a a microbrewery in pennsylvania.

    And you're right about the Belgian beer. Some of the best around. I haven't had any of the really hard to find stuff like Rochefort, Westvleteren, and those quadrupels. But I've had chimay, duvel, and the Des Rocs Gran cru, all of which were amazing, if you like that style of beer. And the Chimay and Des Rocs both came in the wine style bottles you were talking about. They put them in those bottles due to the heavy carbonation, due to the high malt content, which feeds the yeast(which also gives it great flavor and high alcohol content).
    But I believe the common drinker would prefer the American stuff, that you would enjoy very cold, and in greater quantity. Strong flavored, very alcoholic beer like the belgians make are really meant to be served at like 50 degrees.

    The Ayinger Celebrator doppelbock(German) I had last night was the best beer I've ever tasted.

    As I grow, my opinion on this topic may change, but I still think that the common man would enjoy the easy to drink, lighter lagers and whatnot. But that takes nothing away from the heavier ales, which I prefer.

    And also, the people who were claiming Europe does beer better, were using examples like Stella Artois(which IMO is no better than classic Budweiser), Heineken, and Beck's... and they pale in comparison to most American microbrews(no pun intended), which is the comparison I was really trying to make.

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