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    Beer and video games, together at last

    Now here is an addition to the "man cave", or dorm room as needs and/or availability dictate. ;D

    Oh my. Somebody has gone and combined two of my favorite things in the world - video games and drinking beer - and created a masterpiece. The Arkeg is, yes, an arcade game with a keg built in.

    The setup houses a 5-gallon keg as well as a PC pre-loaded with 104 classic games. It's got a 24-inch screen, a 2.1 sound system with a powered sub and two arcade controllers and a trackball. I want one so badly. Unfortunately, it's $4,000,
    :'( so I'll just have to stick with beer out of a bottle and my Xbox 360, which isn't that bad of a compromise.

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    Re: Beer and video games, together at last

    would be much better if there was a pipe from the keg to the mouth so you could play and drink without letting go of the controls!!

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