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    Well, being a brewmaster, I probably should say, I like my beer the best, and it is without a doubt, what I drink the most of.
    Afterall, I get it free, and its been designed to my tastes
    But, I think somebody hit the nail on the head with, "the right beer for the occaision," and, I'd like to add, Mood.

    When you're on a boat or beach in the the sunshine there isn't much that tastes better than an ice cold canned beer.
    And, I can drink PBRs, or Bud or Miller or whatever all durn day and still be reasonably functional til well after dark.
    Micros often run in the 6 to 8 or more % range, and will usually get you much more buzzed in far less time/beers...specially if you find yourself consuming them at 9500 feet.
    Way back in college, my mainstay was Old Milwaukee, or the Leinies original, if I could afford the extra 2 or 3 bucks.

    On those few days I drink morning beers, I often like sipping on a stout or a porter.
    Roasty and rich, kind of coffee like flavors, even if there isn't any actual coffee in the brew (there is in mine).

    EPAs and IPAs are what I enjoy the most of, as they are less seasonal, more available, but the Marzen/Oktoberfest style has always been a favorite too.

    The pale ales aren't always for everybody though, they are usually the hoppiest, and therefore bitterest beers a brewery will produce.
    Their malt could be anywhere from moderate to light with strong citrus, flowery, herbal, spicy and/or pine notes.
    The old measure of an American Extra Pale Ale would have to be Sierra Nevada's.
    Its a short brown bottle with a green label, and I believe, is available nearly everywhere now.
    Currently, its still a really good beer, but has been beat out by newer, higher alpha hops and more depth of hop variety/character.

    Marzen's vary in color from a light amber to a dark brown, but usually feature a mild toasty maltiness balanced slightly with spicy, Noble German hops...which aren't nearly as bitter as American hops.
    Check out a Paulaner or Spaten Oktoberfest, delicious beers and very old recipes.
    While you're at it, I'd highly reccomend their Pilseners too.
    Lighter in alcohol, flavor and color than the Marzen, but with the same clean finish and nice spicy German hops.

    To sum it up, there are literally tons and tons of really good beers available over most of the country.
    Something to look for, is your local beerfests.
    I promote my wares at about a dozen a year, mostly in CO.
    They are a great chance to try lots of little samples of stuff you probably wouldn't just up and buy a 6pack of.
    The biggest one is the Great American Beer Festival held each October in Denver.
    It is unbelievably huge and I would highly recomend checking it out if you can make a chance (and getting a hotel nearby) to any and all beer lovers!!!!!!!!

    26th Great American Beer Festival Names Top Beers and Brewers: Record Number of Entries Heightens Competition

    Denver, Colorado–October 13, 2007
    More than 100 judges labored for three days to evaluate 2,793 beers and pick the best entries and top breweries for this year’s Great American Beer Festival. A total of 222 medals were awarded in 75 beer style categories and top breweries and brewers were designated based on the total number of medals won.
    Here is a list of all the breweries...and lots of other stuff about the event.
    Also, check out the winner's list for breweries near you.
    Did I mention you can get in free as a volunteer?
    You pretty much just need to contact them, they need lots of help to pull off something this size.

    Cheers All!!
    But, don't drink and drive!
    And, know when to say when...most of the time, the blacked out guy isn't very cool, and what's the use of having that much fun if you can't remember it anyway and you feel like crap the whole next day!
    Control the line, control the time, and give your D a chance to shine!!

    "Balance it on end and thats the third side of the coin!!" -wookiefoot

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    "Zeus" wrote:
    "Mr" wrote:
    I really like Moosehead and Yuengling Premium.

    But being a college student, the best you get at parties is Keystone

    What I drink the most is Keystone, Natty Ice, or Busch... all trash, but hey, I don't pay for it.
    And with every sip, you break the law.

    That I do.

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