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    beautiful minnesota

    minneapolis...spelling? anyway, minneapolis/st paul residents take pride in your city. im only 20 but ive been around the country many times on vacations and your city is a gem. dont get me wrong I HATE the vikings, but I love your city. Ive been there many times and each time is just refreshing to see a big city can be a clean fun one.

    Im not sure what part it is, but theres a boardwalk around many small lakes where people walk, bike, and picnic along. Then the neighborhood around it is just beatiful.

    I also love the music scene, i visited some friends going to UWM and we went to some shows, just local bands and the atmosphere is great. Its so different from other big cities in that i think it feels smaller than it really is.

    anyway, from a green bay resident just wanted to tell you how nice your city is, and how geniously you developed around the lakes.

    - just one bit of gotta loose that dome

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    Re: beautiful minnesota

    We might LOSE that Dome...but God forbid if we LOOSE might start rolling down the street! LOL

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    Re: beautiful minnesota

    i'm just glad the cities aren't disgustingly overly populated...i was in chicago last weekend and threw up a little for how bad it is finding parking anywhere at any given time...i missed the cities at that point.
    "Johnson, we will keep on beating them until morale improves."

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    Re: beautiful minnesota

    The Cities are so nice compared to Cleveland, Pitt, Philly, and Detroit. Sorry, but these cities remind me of a city in a 3rd world country.

    I talk to many people here and they all have made the comment that the Cities are so beautiful.

    I wish I were there instead of here in the armpit of America!

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