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    Battle At Kruger

    This was one of the best videos I ever saw on youtube. Worth the watch. Deffinetly.


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    Re: Battle At Kruger

    I've seen it already and shown it to all my friends. It is definetly up there with Leeroy Jenkins and Japanese TV Tetris.

    Definetly a must watch.
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    Thanks Josdin!

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    Re: Battle At Kruger

    I was seriously like, oh yeah, another one of these things we've seen a million times.
    That shit is amazing.

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    Re: Battle At Kruger

    That was cool to see the water buffaloes take care of business.

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    Re: Battle At Kruger

    Discovery channel on roids.

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    Re: Battle At Kruger

    Reminds me of some heated threads here at

    "24 mil under the cap? there are teams 30 mil over the cap, heck that gives us at least 50 mil to spend"

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    Re: Battle At Kruger

    Man, what a tackle.
    Somebody should have shown that to Smoot last year.

    All the kids my age pee their pants, it's the coolest.

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    Re: Battle At Kruger

    If you fuck with a buffalo, you're going to get the horns.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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