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    Baseball playoffs

    "sdvikefan" wrote:
    "SHOW-TIME" wrote:
    I hope everyone keeps counting out the Braves.
    I hate the Braves almost as much as I hate the Yank Me's. But I really think part of the reason people are counting them out is because even after winning so many division titles, their playoff and World Series record hasn't been all that great.

    Cards vs. Sox in the Series.

    You may hate the Yank Me's (as you call them), but I hate the Rod Sux even more (mainly because of their whiny, obnoxious, loudmouth, knowitall, pompous, martyristic, poormouthing, did I say obnoxious, pathetic, B cap wearin' fans!) the end of the postseason, I want to be able to say...THE CURSE LIVES!!!

    So, even though I am a lifelong Yankees fan, I would gladly sacrifice this year and let the Twins, Cards or Astros win in exchange for the Rod Sux losing once again.....MMWWUUUHAHHAHAHAHAH!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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    Baseball playoffs

    Yeah im aware how bad the braves suck in postseason. Dude braves fans in Atlanta or anywhere else arent spoiled. 13 straight divisional titles sucks with just one world series. Until the braves get rid of chipper or andruw jones or both they will continue to suck in postseason. Well i guess besides any yankee players chipper has the most postseason hits but he is old and not the player he once was. And druw sucks cause he only hits like .260. Someones got to go in a trade that the braves can get some more average hitters. And i wouldnt mind some consistent starting pitching. Everyone theyve got has been streaky the whole season.
    so yeah eatingpieinbed some friends of mine

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    Baseball playoffs

    red sox sweep

    former twin ortiz walk off home run in the 10th
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