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Thread: Barry Sanders

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    Barry Sanders

    I get Fox Sports Detroit, and they are doing a thing about Barry Sanders and they are interviewing him. I never really realized how much I missed watching Barry Sanders play. He is an awesome guy, and one of the best football players I have ever seen. I just wish he wouldnt have retired so early.
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    Barry Sanders

    The Lions with Barry Sanders was the last time they were worth watching.

    That'll change soon. Possibly this year.

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    Barry Sanders

    i hope so too skol. yeah barry sanders was the most amazing running back i have ever seen play the game. i just wish we could have gotten to the super bowl with him.

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    Barry Sanders

    Barry was great to watch. I was watching a special that said that Barry Sanders had run for 1300 negative yards in his career. I thought that was interesting...he almost always helped you, but sometimes, he hurt you.

    I loved to watch him, though. You would watch him in slow motion and cringe because you just don't believe a body can contort the way it did when he made a cut. His legs looked like they were 90 degrees and four feet away from the rest of his torso.
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    Barry Sanders

    Had Barry Sanders kept playing he would have put the rushing title so far out of reach the next closest back wouldn't even be able to smell the record!! It's too bad he retired so early!!

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    Barry Sanders

    you said it VKG4LFE he was on in his time
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