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Thread: Barry Bonds

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    Re: Barry Bonds

    "PurpleRide" wrote:
    "AWZeus" wrote:
    "PurpleRide" wrote:
    I think that would be a great move, save the guys legs a bit and have the best hitter of modren baseball breaking the home run record as a twin.
    That would be great.
    Even with a good team, the twins are terrible at the gate compaired to teams with the same records.
    The twins would never such a thing, but i think that would be a great thing to happen.
    Bonds never broke any rules, regardless if he did juice up or not, nothing was against baseball rules when he supposely did the roids.
    I hope he breaks the record next year.
    He has the best swing possibly ever.
    I wonder why people are not roasting Big Mac for the roids thing?
    He pretty much admitted to it with all the cameras on.
    What about THE LAW?
    The guy was injecting himself with BOVINE STEROIDS FROM MEXICO, for God's sake!

    Any "good" as outlined by you above is more than out-weighed by the fact that next to the definition of "Clubhouse Cancer", there's an autographed picture of Barry Bonds.

    I guess i have never heard anyone who played on the giants calling him a cancer, only the media.
    I guess only the mn media are evil, everyone else tells it how it is.
    And the law thing, funny the regular jo never gets fired for doing something that brakes the law.
    Do we know if babe ruth ever did anything wrong?
    If he did, lets take away all his records.
    No one is perfect, he is an entertainer for gods sake, not a doctor, cop, fireman, or any other important job important people hold.

    There have been numerous stories written about Bonds' prima donna attitude in the Clubhouse - how his personal trainer (Greg Anderson - a man who has spent time in jail for Bonds over the steroids/BALCO investigations) was given access and how other members of Barry's entourage were also there.

    His feud with teammate Jeff Kent was also well documented.

    You seem willing to forgive the illegal performance-enhancing behavior just because he can hit a ball.
    I'm not.

    As to McGwire, he was retired when he testified before Congress - and many baseball writers are saying they will not vote for him when he becomes eligible for the Hall of Fame in a couple years because of his performance there and his refusal to answer questions about possible steroid use.
    That's the extent to which baseball can touch him at this point.
    Don't forget - MLB's "official" investigation (with George Mitchell at the helm) has not completed.
    There might very well be lots more to come on McGwire.


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    Re: Barry Bonds

    "AWZeus" wrote:
    "spunk_goblin" wrote:
    What do you lot think?
    I think signing Barry Bonds would make Mike Lynn happy because then his trade for Herschel Walker would no longer be the stupidest move in Minnesota sports history.


    hahaha thats funny!

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    Re: Barry Bonds

    number one, i wouldnt say bonds is a entertainer, he is as it was said before, a professional athlete and a role model fo ryoung kids to look up and say they want to be a barry bonds, what kind of example is that to set and tell everyone, hey i broke the home run record by taking drugs and its ok, yes he is a good baseball player but if you have to take drugs to help then no, i for one will not recognize him as the guy who breaks the home run record when he does by the simple fact of how he did it and no way would i want him my team

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    Re: Barry Bonds

    Why would he ever choose the Twins?

    He's staying in San Fran. End of.

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    Re: Barry Bonds

    He's old and decrepid, he also to selfish to just be a DH

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