One day, Brett Farve, the Green Bay Packer quarterback walked into a bar and sat next to a *** guy.

The *** guy recognizes him and asks him if he's ever heard of Bar Room Football.

Brett says "No, I haven't"

The *** guy asks him if he wants to play.

Brett says "Sure I'll play, but you go first since you're ***."

The *** guy explains how it is played: First you guzzle a pitcher of beer, which counts as a touchdown (6 points just like the actual game), then you pull down your pants and fart for your extra point.

So the *** guy goes first, he guzzles his beer gently, not spilling a drop, and sets it gently down on the bar, saying "There is my 6 points," then he pulls down his pants and lets out a fart...WHOOOSH!

Farve laughs, and says, "THIS is how it is done!" Then he grabs another pitcher and guzzles it (not caring if it was in or on him) and slams the empty pitcher on the bar breaking it into tiny pieces. He says "There's my 6 points" and proceeds to pull down his pants to fart his extra point. At that moment, the *** guy pulls his own pants down and jumps Farve from behind, yelling "Block that kick, block that kick!"