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    Banker's Suspicious Death...


    LONDON - A senior British banker who was questioned by U.S. authorities in connection with the Enron scandal has been found dead, British media reported Wednesday.

    The Metropolitan Police said a man's body was found Tuesday in a park in east London, but declined to identify him. The force said the death was being treated as unexplained, and homicide officers were investigating.

    The British Broadcasting Corp. and other outlets identified the dead man as a senior banker with the Royal Bank of Scotland who had been questioned by the FBI in the case of three British bankers facing Enron-related fraud charges.

    The FBI said it would not comment on any aspect of the case.

    David Bermingham, Gary Mulgrew and Giles Darby, all former bankers with the RBS-owned National Westminster Bank, are due to be extradited Thursday to the United States to face charges of defrauding their ex-employer of $7.3 million.

    The three men have denied charges that they attempted to sell a part of the U.S.-based energy company Enron Corp. for less than it was worth.
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    Re: Banker's Suspicious Death...

    The things you can accomplish with money is scary. It might not be the case, but its still makes ya think.

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    Re: Banker's Suspicious Death...

    There has been a lot of coverage about this and also about the three bankers that are due to be extradited this week to the US.
    Currently their complaint is that all of the evidence, witnesses etc relevant to the case is here in the UK. So by their reasoning they are not going to be able to mount anywhere near a decent defence on the charges. In addition they are looking at the prospect of being in custody for around two years until the trial finally comes round.
    Can see this being in the news for a lot more over the next few months.
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    Re: Banker's Suspicious Death...

    Take out all the witnesses! Looks like that's exactly what is happening in the Enron scandal.

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    Re: Banker's Suspicious Death...

    Whoever killed Lay, killed this guy.

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