ELKO, Nev. - The thief had the bank-robbing part down, putting his finger in his pocket to simulate a gun at a northeast Nevada bank on Tuesday. It was the getaway that proved a bit more difficult.

The suspect, identified as Keith Woodall, 65, made it only about 30 feet outside the downtown branch of the Great Basin Bank in Elko before police nabbed him shortly after 11:30 a.m., Elko Police Lt. Rich Geneseal said.

The suspect had entered the bank a few minutes earlier and demanded money, pretending the pocketed finger was a pistol, according to bank employees. He told police afterward he had been in town for about a month.

"He spoke to the teller and told them it was a bank robbery and he was trying to attempt to make them believe he was in possession of a firearm," Elko Police Chief Mike Smith said.

"The officers responded to the bank robbery and arrived in short order. He was taken into custody within that block of the bank," he said.

Charges were pending.

Great Basin Bank marketing director Mark Smith told the Elko Daily Free Press he did not know how much money Woodall stole before he was arrested.

Woodall was in possession of the money when he was apprehended and no weapon was found, Chief Smith said. He said they were trying to determine where Woodall came from and whether he'd previously been incarcerated because he told one officer, "I just wanted to go back to jail."