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    Bank manager gives woman loans for sex

    BERLIN (Reuters) - A German bank manager gave loans to a woman for sex and then embezzled thousands of euros to buy the silence of her relatives, authorities said on Thursday.

    When the man realized he could not offer the jobless woman a loan because of her poor credit history, he offered to lend her the money personally in return for sexual favors, said a spokesman for a court in the southern town of Tuebingen.

    The 31-year-old then stole the money from the bank. The pair continued their arrangement for the next three years.

    In total, the man diverted some 520,000 euros ($760,000) from clients' accounts, of which he gave about 70,000 euros to the woman, and kept 40,000 euros for himself.

    The biggest chunk of the cash went to her relatives who were blackmailing the bank manager, a married man with children. The manager had himself told her cousin about the sex deal.

    "As incredible as it sounds, that's what he told us," the Tuebingen court spokesman said. "The cousin was suspicious and she called him to ask how the woman had got a loan."

    The court said bank officials uncovered the ruse after probing irregularities linked to the man's handling of other loans. The court gave the man, who confessed, a jail sentence of three years and nine months.;_ylt=AtZyJ6BVpXt1rhqYpYGNhRISH9EA

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    Re: Bank manager gives woman loans for sex

    Since he was paying the lions share of the funds to her relatives as hush money, I guess he wasn't getting much bang for his buck.

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    Re: Bank manager gives woman loans for sex

    Don't the relatives go to jail for blackmail?


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