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Thread: Bad memories

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    Bad memories

    Did he smell like sour milk, or old bologna? :tard:

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    Bad memories

    I would have kicked his a**, outside of school.

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    Bad memories

    If someone did that to me they sure would have got it! What kind of a stupid a$$ does that anyway? They know those jerseys are expensive. I don't like Favre or the packers, but if someone is wearing their jersey I know that it is completely wrong to deface it! Just tells you a little bit more aobut packer fans...

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    Bad memories

    "sandviking" wrote:
    Did he smell like sour milk, or old bologna? :tard:
    If I remember correctly, he smelled more like raw feces.
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    Bad memories

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    Man I hate smelly 8th graders!

    You should have been carrying some Aerosol Right Guard and trust me it works just like mace on a smelly kids. Point the deoterant in his general direction and spray a few sprays.

    If he starts saying it burns then give him some more. If he starts laughing at you then you have a serious problem and his stench is too powerful, you will need to go to hand to hand combat and use a roll on. Depending how much you are pissed you can go with invisable solid or the stuff that clumps up in your armpit hairs that dries white.

    I think this particular instance would call for the streaky kind of roll on.
    I hate smelley K-2nd graders!! Oops, that's not very nice!! Note to parents and future parents of America: even though they are little and cute, they can still stink, WASH THEM!!

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    Bad memories

    everyone who is at my school is a bandwagoner. and they were on the packers for some time. for some reason everyone freaks out like w/ moss incidents and you can tell they didnt make their own desicion about the topic, their 50 year old dads did who still say that tackling has only gotten sloppier. (by the way it hasnt.) i normally get into full fledged arguements in school about how the vikes are good and deserve to be in the playoffs and how brett favres 55.1 passer rating wasnt completely on his recievers or how the eagles will crush the vikes. which they wont.

    everyday i hear the same stuff. everyone made bets w/ me that the packers would beat the vikes. i didnt take them bc betting in school, thats bad morals. but i got so sick of it i finnally did and i won $25 and more bragging rights i ever have in my life.

    sry bout that jersey. i just got my 1st jersey, a culp one. and if nyone touches it i go crazy on them :angryfire: . i wore my vikes hat so muc that i lost

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    holy crap

    Holy Crap!!! What a jerk off, I would have cried, but then again I'm a girl so what do you expect. But man my Randy Moss jersey is one of my favorite clothing items, if anyone writes on it I'd be pissed!! Man bdubya I thought I was the young one on here, guess not. I was in 10th grade that year.

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