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    Attention, golfers! Tiger Woods is back!

    In case you weren't watching (and you probably weren't), Tiger Woods kicked @$$ in a tournament last weekend. He was cranking out 330-360 yard drives (he got a new driver), and putting great. I was glad I decided to watch after reading about it in the paper, because the match between him and Mickelson was great! It was actually FUN to be watching golf!!! :shock: (As opposed to playing it, which is always fun, albeit often frustrating). Mickelson's putt to go to extra holes ended up skimming off the edge of the cup. It was the most enjoyable golf I had ever watched. I can only watch golf if Tiger's doing well. It is always fun to see his mental toughness in action.

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    Attention, golfers! Tiger Woods is back!

    ukeright: golf.

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    Attention, golfers! Tiger Woods is back!

    Tiger never really left, he was just on a mini vacation from his #1 world ranking! Yeah, that chip that Mickelson hit on 18 was so d@mn close to forcing extra holes!!

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