Woman Gets Probation for Attacking Nanny

VILLANOVA, Pa. - A woman accused of hurling a bag of carrots at a housekeeper, striking her on the head with a telephone handset and trying to push her downstairs was sentenced to a year of probation and fined $2,800.

Susan Tabas Tepper, 44, of Villanova, also was sentenced Monday to attend anger-management classes and perform community service. "I hope you've learned something from this episode," Montgomery County Judge Bernard Moore told her.

Tepper, smiling, never made eye contact with Xiomara Salinas, the Venezuelan native she had hired in the summer of 2005 as a nanny and housekeeper at her mansion.

Salinas told police that when she arrived on May 21, 2005, Tepper was angry about a messy refrigerator and attacked her. Salinas said as she tried to flee Tepper grabbed her purse and took $800. "You're not calling anyone," she said Tepper told her. "I'm important, you're nothing. No one will believe you."

Tepper entered an Alford plea to charges of criminal mischief and harassment. While not conceding guilt, she acknowledged there was sufficient evidence that a conviction was likely if the case was tried. She declined to comment as she left the courtroom.