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    Re: Artest Rejects trade

    I was shocked to hear Artest turned down the opportunity to play for another team.
    I, however, don't blame for NOT wanting to play for the Kings.
    And, why would the Pacers want to trade him for Peja? I mean, Peja's a good OFFENSIVE players, but the Pacers need a guy who can pour out some DEFENSE as well -especially for the style of game they play.
    I wouldn't mind Artest coming over to the Bucks!!! I just don't know who'd we give for him. Definately NOT Andrew Bogut or Magloire. None of our guards either. Hmmm...who/what then? How 'bout 1st round draft pick and some bench-warmers?!
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    Re: Artest Rejects trade

    Indy excepting Peja is baffling to me. Peja plays no D, is in a shooting slump, and most importantly is a FA at the end of the year and will probably end up leaving Indy. I don't get why they would do a trade like that. They would be better off taking the trade for an injured Corey Maggette, at least they would have him for a few years.

    Lets also not forget a guy by the name of Shaq also gave the Lakers a small list of teams that he would only play for if they traded him, forcing them to only look at those teams, so lets not make Artest out to be too bad of a guy for this, when Shaq never got crap for doing the same. Fact is, almost every player that forces a team to trade them, does the same thing.

    I just heard that Artest has just very recently bought a house in LA, so I am assuming he is gonna tell Indy to trade him to LA(lakers of clips), in their meeting they are gonna have tomorrow. I would be shocked if he changed his mind and the trade did actually happen tomorrow, after the meeting, but that is a possiblity. If the trade doesn't happen, sacremento is now kind of forced to trade Peja to someone else now that he heard they were gonna trade him.

    If Artest doesn't change his mind tomorrow during the meeting, look for an LA team to get Artest, with the clippers having the most trade bate, but the lakers being the team he most wants to play for and the team that is most desperate for his services. If the stupid idiot, mitch kupcheck(and probably Phil who has a man crush on Odom) would just give up worthless Odom, the lakers would get Artest.

    Here is the story on the meeting he has been summoned to by Indy:

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    Re: Artest Rejects trade

    Artest is a f#@kng dumb a$$, i feel sorry for Peja though...

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    Re: Artest Rejects trade

    who actually would want this idiot on their team? i hope he never gets traded and sits forever. he is one of the many reasons i hate the NBA and refuse to watch it
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