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Thread: Armed Forces

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    Re: Armed Forces

    Do it. If its what you really want and thirst...hit it with a full head of steam! Stand proud knowing that you stepped-up to the call of honor, duty, and country!

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    Re: Armed Forces

    I was turned down from the Navy Nuc. Program at the 11th hour for medical reasons, so I cannot speak to it personally. However I have four friends whos lives have been transformed by the military.

    My first friend was always a pretty on the ball guy to begin with, but he got into the Army and into Officer Training Corp and was like a Captian in Desert Storm. He came back from there and the Army put him through an MBA at the U of Florida, and then a Masters in Information Services while at Fort Leavenworth. He has gotten out now and is making big bucks with a civilian contractor software company for the military. He is going into Law School this fall and just has his s**t together. He is very successful and it is because of the military training he got.

    My second friend lived down the street from me when we were kids, he wasnt really smart, was just an average kid, from kind of a tough family situation. One of those guys that you just expected would never do anything with his life. I was not really close to him and kind of lost track of him after high school. Many of us went off to college (he would never have that kind of opportunity) and I really didnt even know that he had joined the Marines. Until a few years ago when I saw him, and i just about passed out. He was just this clean cut guy that looked like he was chiseled out of granite. He was well spoken, he was polite, and he had got himself some higher eductation. In short he had taken a pretty crappy hand dealt him by life and turned himself into one of the most impressive people I know. I am so proud of him.

    I have one of my best freinds who is over in Afganistan right now (he has done Iraq as well in the last couple years) he is a water purification expert and builds and maintains water systems. He has told me of the water systems they have put in for people over there who have never had a safe and healthy source of water. He tells me how much we are appreciate by 99.9% of all the people over there (and you wont hear that on TV). He has a wife and kids here in the US, and I pray that nothing ever happens to him for their sakes, but if it does he knows he is doing great things on the world stage. And he has willingly signed up for several return trips over there because he knows we are doing good things.

    I have another guy I went to high school with, who was this giant of a man. Just an unbelievable physical speciman, not the sharpest pencil in the box, and just an absolute wild man in his personal life. He went to college on a football scholarship, but got kicked out of two colleges for a combination of grades, putting his head through walls, and other people through plate glass windows. I learned that he subsequently joined the Marines and now he is as I like to call him "a lean mean fighting machine" he is currently in Iraq and I hear often about the unbelievable things that we are doing there. He has got his s**t together as well, and his life now has a purpose.

    Again I wish I could have followed through on the Navy Nuc Program. And as I explained a couple weeks ago to my 9 year old daughter. If this war we were drawn into ever escalated to a point where they needed me (an overweight 39yr old with a bad back and a bad knee), I would gladly serve in any way I could. Fortunately my freinds (and everyone currently in the military) are doing the job for us over there in the streets of Iraq so that we (and my daughters) hopefully dont have to do it in the streets of my town.

    So I too would say, you need to be sure it is the right thing for you. I dont begrudge anyone their opinions and dont think anyone is any worse for not serving. That is the beauty of this system. There are enough young people who are ready and willing to step up for us that we have that luxury of an all volunteer force. Be sure you dont mind a lot of hard work, and dont mind subserving your own desires for the good of the team and the service. If you have that kind of mentality you will be fine.

    If you decide to do this, let me thank you in advance on behalf of me and my family for your service to this great country. If you decide not to, again no problem. I would only say that I hope you go after whatever you decide to do with the same ferocity and hard work that you would approach a military career with. If you do that you will be successful no matter what field of endeavor you choose.

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    Re: Armed Forces

    The call is yours man ... but believe this, I firmly believe ANYBODY can go to college and get a degree in whatever they want !!!. My personal experience, I was told I "Wouldn't make it through college" and I didnt have the money either (guidence counsler told me to find a trade). Through hard work and many student loans, I got my b.s. and my masters. Along the way, I met many and I MEAN MANY people who I consider very bright people. But they never got through college cause they didnt have the drive and everything came easy to them.

    Just as everyone else has said though, do your homework on anything you want to do. Especially when it involves the current situation over there, before you do anything. Don't sell yourself short, you can do anything you want .... Just how badly do you want it is always the question and what are you willing to sacrifice to get there?

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    Re: Armed Forces

    Well yourGF is speaking from the heart. If she really cares for you she will respect your decision. Dont rush into it but once you make your decision, don't look back.
    If you feel that your future will be much brighter by joining, by all means do it. And don't look back.
    Be proud to serve! It is nothing better than a man/woman can do than serve their country even if it is for causes you don't neccessarily believe in. There are many opportunites that are offered in the military, make sure you take advantage of as many as you can.

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    Re: Armed Forces

    I can't say that I've experienced it first hand, but my younger brother is in the military. It has really helped him in his life. Prior to the military he was kind of a lost soul and after being in for a short while he has really changed. He has learned respect for himself and others and the military has really opened his eyes to a lot of things. He was in the war in Iraq and he did peace keeping over in Kosovo and Germany. It was hard on us as a family, but we knew that when he registered for basic training that he could possibly put his life on the line for our great nation. He's back now and is an Army recruiter in the Boston area. Good luck with your decision billvike, do it to better yourself, whatever you decide!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: Armed Forces

    Started out as a way to pay for college and ended up as a great career. I joined the army in 92 and did 6 years in Recon. Got out to finally attend college and promptly met my wife. Wouldn't you know it, the Coast Guard is also part of the Armed Forces. I have now completed 6 years of service in the CG and have no intention of getting out until I retire. The medical rocks if you plan on having a family. I am now working as a Flight Mechanic on an MH60-J helicopter. Since the CG joined the DHLS, I have been involved (almost exclusively) in law enforcement and homeland security. I've got over 100 hours of flight so far this year and am involved in some pretty cool stuff.
    No matter what service you choose, there will be a lot of time away from g/f, friends and family. Take this seriously, it will not always be pleasant!!! Learn to love the taste of dirt in everything, warm water and MREs. I now have a hard time drinking cold water!

    Seriously, this will change who you are. Think it through, and do it for the right reasons.
    Its better to lose the first game than the last one.

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    Re: Armed Forces

    I have been a U.S. Marine for over seven years now and i haved loved almost every minute of it. Deployments can be enjoyable but leaving your wife and kids behind isnt cool. If you want to join the military for college then i suggest the Air Force. If you want to be part of somthing that is amazing the marine Corps is it. I am glad to hear that someone wants to join in todays world. I could have got out in DEC 05 but i love the Marine Corps and I want to get back over there they want to die for their stupid cause so I am going to make it happen for them. If there is anything you want to know about the Marines just ask me. All the Armed forces are great in my eyes but becoming a Marine is just somthing i cant explain you have to go through it your self....

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