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    Re: Arena League to cancel 2009 season

    We have an AFL2 team in Des Moines, the Barnstormers, they used to be an AFL team but moved to N.Y. so then the creators of the Barnstormers got an AFL2 team. I get season tickets every year. Generally 3rd or 4th row 50 yard line and it costs $120 a ticket for the whole season.

    As an AFL team we were actually really good, made it to the Championship a couple years under a qb named Kurt Warner. It was nice being able to see him play before everyone else knew about him. It really couldn't take my love for the NFL considering the season starts in March, so it doesnt really compete.

    All in all the games are fun, you can sit and talk to the players during the game, they are very gracious and some will even autograph stuff for you. All the footballs that go in the stands are kept by the fans, which is like 30 or more a game. And if you take them down to the bench the whole team will often sign them for you (you have to have a sharpie, they dont carry them like some people do!)

    I reccomend going to see a game if you can, they are pretty fun!

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    Re: Arena League to cancel 2009 season

    "YogidAbEAR" wrote:
    i don't recall them broadcasting that in NA though
    If you are asking about NFL Europe YogidAbEAR, the season did not run head to head.
    I believe it was played during spring/ early summer.
    Players who were afiliated (not all) with NFL teams would have that NFL teams logo on their jerseys and helmuts.
    Shaun Hill now with Niners was with Vikes and I am not for sure but I believe he won a World Bowl.
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    Re: Arena League to cancel 2009 season

    Never got into it. The closest team was the Chicago Rush. I did share a plane with the whole Colorado Crush team once.

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    Re: Arena League calling it quits?

    [size=12pt]AFL calling it quits?[/size]

    Posted by Mike Florio on August 2, 2009 11:44 AM ET
    In a development that's no real surprise given the league's inability to raise much-needed capital in the worst economy since World War II, the AFL apparently will soon be calling it quits.

    Our pal Steve Duemig of WDAE radio in Tampa tells us that Tampa Bay Storm president and COO Jim Borghesi has announced on his Facebook page that the AFL will soon announce that the league will disband.

    If Borghesi's contention is accurate (and there's no reason to think it isn't), it's a sad final chapter for a league that survived -- albeit never truly thrived -- for more than 20 years.

    The AFL suspended play in 2009, but the indoor football league was unable to craft a viable plan for returning in 2010.

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    Re: Arena League calling it quits?

    Why is it the AFL is going away, but the debacle we call UFL is just starting. Unfortunately, the UFL is not worried about the economy. But, maybe they are, if they decided to scale back to 6 games.

    Rumor has it, Mike Vick might try his hand(or legs) in that league. Good Luck. :-
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