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    ANOTHER stupid Viking joke...

    Heard this on David Letterman last night. He says, "Boy it's really fall out. You know how you can tell? The Minnesota Vikings invited a bunch of hookers out for a hayride."

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting sick of hearing about the whole mess. Why can't people just leave things alone and let the investigation go?
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    Re: ANOTHER stupid Viking joke...

    It's winter here man.. Letterman is a douche!

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    Re: ANOTHER stupid Viking joke...

    thats not even that funny. strange how nobody makes fun of the two cheerleaders that had sex with each other in a nightclub bathroom. i guess since the panthers fired them it is ok. what do they want us to do, fire the players that were involved? would that make it ok then? stupid media. all we can do to shut em up is keep winning.
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    Re: ANOTHER stupid Viking joke...

    I heard that the Cheerleaders were actually doing coke or something in the restroom, but the story got twisted because it would actually bring better attention to the NFL. While several people are offended and/or disgusted by the ordeal as reported, several horny male NFL fans would have been extremely disappointed with the drug use story, but 2 hot chicks doin' it, and everybody wants to know about it. This may have been the best thing ever to happen to those women. They've received offers from Playboy. IF they pose, they could be the next in line of people that become national stars for almost nothing.

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    Re: ANOTHER stupid Viking joke...

    Why didn't the Vikings invite them to go ice skating on the frozen lake instead? THAT would have been a much better joke than a hayride...which is more suited for Packer fans anyway...those hillbillies. Come to think of it, did you all hear about the Packer hayride...they brought in sheep from other states...funny that the FBI wasn't interested in that little episode! LOL!!!

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