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    Another Krumb Song

    Whats going on PPO? I don't know how many of you remember but a few months ago I put a song up that was played on the radio , I'm currently working on a 2nd cd , and this is going to be the first single so to speak , I'm just putting up random places and seeing what type of feedback it gets , if you've got a few minutes to spare I'd love to hear what Vikings fans think about it haha , not trying to make millions , just trying to make good music. ... Thank you in advance , my apologies if this is the wrong place on the forum for it.

    Name of the song is "The Blues"

    The 1st verse is a fella named SiC

    The hook and 3rd verse is ooDoe (Double O Doe)

    And the middle verse is me.

    Thanks again .

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    Re: Another Krumb Song

    Good beat and chorus..has a very chill feel to it. Honestly, I didn't like the first guy's verse at all mainly because of his voice. The third guy had the best verse. Your verse was good but I feel like it's lacking in the delivery and emotion. It's hard to explain but your voice just kinda stays the same through out. But again, besides that it's good as far as lyrics and flow. Overall not a bad song at all.
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


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    Re: Another Krumb Song

    I appreciate you taking the time to listen , The beat is sampled from 21 Jump Street and I've had people tell me my voice is "monotone" like since I started lol I've kind of come to peace with it because I don't know how to fix it lol. again though thank you for the feedback and your time.

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