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Ya talk about receiving all that "free money." It isn't free and that why this country is in the mess it it. Some politician once said, "There is no free lunch." All that "free money" comes with strings attached.
In other words, here's $10,000, vote the way I tell you or I take the $10,000 back.

obviously in the most cynical sense.
That is the current state of affairs as its allowed to be done.
That's not really the "most cynical sense"... thats the way it is
My point was, without saying it, was "duh".
But one does not need to be beholden to the machine.

Things will never improve if we sit and complain and do pooh to shift the democratic process back to the people, who used to power this experiment called America.
You didn't know? You can't do that since they passed the Second Patriot Act. Now, if you attempt to make any sort of change to the government or bad mouth policies, you can be held as a terrorist without trial for as long as they see fit.

They have pretty much made it impossible not "to be beholden to the machine"
holy libertarian rhetoric batman!

I think it is somewhat unfair that you have to label me as a libertarian just because I commented on the truth. You can read the Bill yourself, everything I said is in there... except maybe the "machine" part.
Its what makes this site great......

A political discussion with big words and deep thoughts between a guy with Brett Favreeeee's INT number and a Naked guy lifting wieghts on thier pages.


I had to laugh out loud. People at work are staring at me.