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    Another Boat Cruise On The Mississippi River

    I would like to bring up another boating cruise that happened this weekend involving a Packer boat & a Vikings boat, but because this was for a good cause it only made the local paper.

    Primarily it was Packers Leroy Butler who spear-headed it with the help of the Vikings all-pro linebacker Matt Blair. This event took place only a few miles from my house but I didn't attend. There was a silent auction for a lot of Packer & Vikings memorabillia that were donated by their respective teams.

    There was a boat for each team & it was $100 a pop to ride on the one of your choice. You got the opportunity have a 1 on 1 conversation with the star on your boat. The goal was to raise $25,000 for breast cancer. They raised over $70,000. Alma is a small town in Wisconsin mind you about an hour & a half south of the Twin Cities.

    I work with two ladies that were a part of this event. They told me that Matt Blair & his wife were a real class act.

    It's depressing when the good a lot of teams & players do for their community or a cause go un-noticed & the un-eventful ones make front page news nation wide.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Butler raising money to fight breast cancer

    During his 12-year NFL career as an all-pro safety for the Green Bay Packers, LeRoy Butler made 517 solo tackles.

    Now he’s looking for help to tackle a problem facing thousands of people: breast cancer.

    Butler became an advocate for breast cancer awareness after retiring from football in 2001.

    “I would meet women who fought through it and were Packer fans,� Butler said. “They were strong about it, and when I retired, I just thought, ‘How can I help the people who have helped me along the way?’�

    Butler, who is credited with inventing the Lambeau Leap, is making appearances throughout the area Friday through Sunday to raise money for his foundation, which funds research and provides financial aid for women with the disease.

    Lori Severson, Kathy Becher and Janet Evans, who are coordinating this weekend’s events, want to raise more than $25,000 during Butler’s visit.

    9 to 10 a.m. — Butler will sign autographs and take photos at Time Out 2 at Crosseroads Center. He will give a 25-minute talk at 10 a.m.; call (608) 781-3151 to reserve a spot at the talk.

    1 p.m. — Butler and former NFL all-pro linebacker and Minnesota Viking Matt Blair will be in Alma, Wis., at Great River Harbor for a group color cruise.

    7 p.m. — Luminary candle lighting ceremony in Alma. An autograph and Q&A

    session will follow. For information, call Great River Harbor, (608) 248-2454.

    11 a.m. — Wason’s Supper Club in Galesville, Wis., will host an autograph signing session. Butler will watch the Packers game with breast cancer survivors and others. Tickets are $20.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Another Boat Cruise On The Mississippi River

    nice, now when people mention the cruise to me, or ask me about it, i'll start talking about this one :grin:

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    Re: Another Boat Cruise On The Mississippi River

    Hmm, Strange why cant something like this be plastered everywhere you look? Oh ya, nothing to do with drug abuse or "sex acts"

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    Re: Another Boat Cruise On The Mississippi River

    Matt Blair is a great guy my dad played against his traveling team and I got a chance to meet him with Joey Browner both great guys and class acts.

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    Re: Another Boat Cruise On The Mississippi River

    Good news doesn't sell....Period..

    But I'de say these two are Class Acts, and know how to make the best out of free time....


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    Re: Another Boat Cruise On The Mississippi River

    I've seen some of the other work Blair has done on the net and he is first class all the way :grin:

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