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    Another "black eye" for the NBA

    [size=10pt][size=10pt]Nuggets, Knicks in wild brawl near end of game
    [/size] [/size]
    [size=10pt][size=10pt][/size][/size]w/ video highlights
    Even babies know the difference.

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    Re: Another "black eye" for the NBA

    I've been watching the highlights on ESPN.
    What a mess. Mello needs a long suspention along with a lot of others.

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    Re: Another "black eye" for the NBA

    Yeah, that was a mess. If Carmelo does not get at least 10-20 games for his actions, I will question David Sterns credibilty. The NBA officals had to see this coming. Early in the season when these two teams met, and the Knicks beat the Nuggets. Comments were made between the Knicks Camp and the Nuggets Camp. The League officals should have put both teams on notice. "Look anything goes down, the fines and suspensions will be serve".

    Somewhere, Ron Arrest is laughing is butt off right now. You know he is watching and waiting to see what the "L" does to the rising star in Carmelo.

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    Re: Another "black eye" for the NBA

    I love how these pansies always go for the sucker punch, whether is it Stackhouse on Jeff Hornaseck or Anthony landing one. Any time they square up and swing they look like a bunch of girls. Except when the Detroit Piston punched Kobe in the throat.

    All that being said, this couldn't have happened to a better group of guys LMAO, the Nuggets that is. Suspend all the nuggets for half the season so my Jazz can extend the lead.

    I read that Isiah Thomas started it all by warning Carmelo to stay out of the lane because he was butt hurt that the Nuggets were still running 4 starters being up 19 with 2 min to go. Where is Malone and that elbow to put Thomas back in his place?

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