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    Re: The Annoying Thread.

    [size=2pt]I love this...I've been sending emails and correspondence to people at work in very small font and pissing them off. I think it's a great idea, and we should all adopt it. Best part is no one can see spelling ot grammar errors.
    Any man who afflicts the human race with ideas must be prepared to see them misunderstood. - H.L. Mencken

    Come from the land of the ice and snow...

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    Re: The Annoying Thread.

    "VikingMike" wrote:
    [size=2pt]I love this...I've been sending emails and correspondence to people at work in very small font and pissing them off. I think it's a great idea, and we should all adopt it. Best part is no one can see spelling ot grammar errors.
    [size=1pt]lol that's hilarious... i am gonna try that!!![/size]

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    Re: The Annoying Thread.

    [size=1pt]WELL, PRINCE, Genoa and Lucca are now no more than private estates of the Bonaparte family. No, I warn you, that if you do not tell me we are at war, if you again allow yourself to palliate all the infamies and atrocities of this Antichrist (upon my word, I believe he is), I don’t know you in future, you are no longer my friend, no longer my faithful slave, as you say. There, how do you do, how do you do? I see I’m scaring you, sit down and talk to me.”

    These words were uttered in July 1805 by Anna Pavlovna Scherer, a distinguished lady of the court, and confidential maid-of-honour to the Empress Marya Fyodorovna. It was her greeting to Prince Vassily, a man high in rank and office, who was the first to arrive at her soirée. Anna Pavlovna had been coughing for the last few days; she had an attack of la grippe, as she said—grippe was then a new word only used by a few people. In the notes she had sent round in the morning by a footman in red livery, she had written to all indiscriminately:

    “If you have nothing better to do, count (or prince), and if the prospect of spending an evening with a poor invalid is not too alarming to you, I shall be charmed to see you at my house between 7 and 10. Annette Scherer.”

    “Heavens! what a violent outburst!” the prince responded, not in the least disconcerted at such a reception. He was wearing an embroidered court uniform, stockings and slippers, and had stars on his breast, and a bright smile on his flat face.

    He spoke in that elaborately choice French, in which our forefathers not only spoke but thought, and with those slow, patronising intonations peculiar to a man of importance who has grown old in court society. He went up to Anna Pavlovna, kissed her hand, presenting her with a view of his perfumed, shining bald head, and complacently settled himself on the sofa.

    “First of all, tell me how you are, dear friend. Relieve a friend’s anxiety,” he said, with no change of his voice and tone, in which indifference, and even irony, was perceptible through the veil of courtesy and sympathy.

    “How can one be well when one is in moral suffering? How can one help being worried in these times, if one has any feeling?” said Anna Pavlovna. “You’ll spend the whole evening with me, I hope?”

    “And the fête at the English ambassador’s? To-day is Wednesday. I must put in an appearance there,” said the prince. “My daughter is coming to fetch me and take me there.”

    “I thought to-day’s fête had been put off. I confess that all these festivities and fireworks are beginning to pall.”

    “If they had known that it was your wish, the fête would have been put off,” said the prince, from habit, like a wound-up clock, saying things he did not even wish to be believed.

    “Don’t tease me. Well, what has been decided in regard to the Novosiltsov dispatch? You know everything.”

    “What is there to tell?” said the prince in a tired, listless tone. “What has been decided? It has been decided that Bonaparte has burnt his ships, and I think that we are about to burn ours.”

    Prince Vassily always spoke languidly, like an actor repeating his part in an old play. Anna Pavlovna Scherer, in spite of her forty years, was on the contrary brimming over with excitement and impulsiveness. To be enthusiastic had become her pose in society, and at times even when she had, indeed, no inclination to be so, she was enthusiastic so as not to disappoint the expectations of those who knew her. The affected smile which played continually about Anna Pavlovna’s face, out of keeping as it was with her faded looks, expressed a spoilt child’s continual consciousness of a charming failing of which she had neither the wish nor the power to correct herself, which, indeed, she saw no need to correct.

    [size=1pt]ANNA PAVLOVNA’S DRAWING-ROOM gradually began to fill. The people of the highest distinction in Petersburg were there, people very different in ages and characters, but alike in the set in which they moved. The daughter of Prince Vassily, the beauty, Ellen, came to fetch her father and go with him to the ambassador’s fête. She was wearing a ball-dress with an imperial badge on it. The young Princess Bolkonsky was there, celebrated as the most seductive woman in Petersburg. She had been married the previous winter, and was not now going out into the great world on account of her interesting condition, but was still to be seen at small parties. Prince Ippolit, the son of Prince Vassily, came too with Mortemart, whom he introduced. The Abbé Morio was there too, and many others.

    “Have you not yet seen, or not been introduced to ma tante?” Anna Pavlovna said to her guests as they arrived, and very seriously she led them up to a little old lady wearing tall bows, who had sailed in out of the next room as soon as the guests began to arrive. Anna Pavlovna mentioned their names, deliberately turning her eyes from the guest to ma tante, and then withdrew. All the guests performed the ceremony of greeting the aunt, who was unknown, uninteresting and unnecessary to every one. Anna Pavlovna with mournful, solemn sympathy, followed these greetings, silently approving them. Ma tante said to each person the same words about his health, her own health, and the health of her majesty, who was, thank God, better to-day. Every one, though from politeness showing no undue haste, moved away from the old lady with a sense of relief at a tiresome duty accomplished, and did not approach her again all the evening. The young Princess Bolkonsky had come with her work in a gold-embroidered velvet bag. Her pretty little upper lip, faintly darkened with down, was very short over her teeth, but was all the more charming when it was lifted, and still more charming when it was at times drawn down to meet the lower lip. As is always the case with perfectly charming women, her defect — the shortness of the lip and the half-opened mouth — seemed her peculiar, her characteristic beauty. Every one took delight in watching the pretty creature full of life and gaiety, so soon to be a mother, and so lightly bearing her burden. Old men and bored, depressed young men gazing at her felt as though they were becoming like her, by being with her and talking a little while to her. Any man who spoke to her, and at every word saw her bright little smile and shining white teeth, gleaming continually, imagined that he was being particularly successful this evening. And this each thought in turn.

    The little princess, moving with a slight swing, walked with rapid little steps round the table with her work-bag in her hand, and gaily arranging the folds of her gown, sat down on a sofa near the silver samovar; it seemed as though everything she did was a festival for herself and all around her.

    “I have brought my work,” she said, displaying her reticule, and addressing the company generally. “Mind, Annette, don’t play me a nasty trick,” she turned to the lady of the house; “you wrote to me that it was quite a little gathering. See how I am got up.”

    And she flung her arms open to show her elegant grey dress, trimmed with lace and girt a little below the bosom with a broad sash.

    “Never mind, Lise, you will always be prettier than any one else,” answered Anna Pavlovna.

    “You know my husband is deserting me,” she went on in just the same voice, addressing a general; “he is going to get himself killed. Tell me what this nasty war is for,” she said to Prince Vassily, and without waiting for an answer she turned to Prince Vassily’s daughter, the beautiful Ellen.

    “How delightful this little princess is!” said Prince Vassily in an undertone to Anna Pavlovna.

    Soon after the little princess, there walked in a massively built, stout young man in spectacles, with a cropped head, light breeches in the mode of the day, with a high lace ruffle and a ginger-coloured coat. This stout young man was the illegitimate son of a celebrated dandy of the days of Catherine, Count Bezuhov, who was now dying at Moscow. He had not yet entered any branch of the service; he had only just returned from abroad, where he had been educated, and this was his first appearance in society. Anna Pavlovna greeted him with a nod reserved for persons of the very lowest hierarchy in her drawing- room. But, in spite of this greeting, Anna Pavlovna’s countenance showed signs on seeing Pierre of

    [size=1pt]ANNA PAVLOVNA’S soirée was in full swing. The spindles kept up their regular hum on all sides without pause. Except the aunt, beside whom was sitting no one but an elderly lady with a thin, careworn face, who seemed rather out of her element in this brilliant society, the company was broken up into three groups. In one of these, the more masculine, the centre was the abbé; in the other, the group of young people, the chief attractions were the beautiful Princess Ellen, Prince Vassily’s daughter, and the little Princess Bolkonsky, with her rosy prettiness, too plump for her years. In the third group were Mortemart and Anna Pavlovna.

    The vicomte was a pretty young gentleman with soft features and manners, who obviously regarded himself as a celebrity, but with good breeding modestly allowed the company the benefit of his society. Anna Pavlovna unmistakably regarded him as the chief entertainment she was giving her guests. As a clever maître d’hôtel serves as something superlatively good the piece of beef which no one would have cared to eat seeing it in the dirty kitchen, Anna Pavlovna that evening served up to her guests — first, the vicomte and then the abbé, as something superlatively subtle. In Mortemart’s group the talk turned at once on the execution of the duc d’Enghien. The vicomte said that the duc d’Enghien had been lost by his own magnanimity and that there were special reasons for Bonaparte’s bitterness against him.

    “Ah, come! Tell us about that, vicomte,” said Anna Pavlovna gleefully, feeling that the phrase had a peculiarly Louis Quinze note about it: “Contez-nous cela, vicomte.”

    The vicomte bowed and smiled courteously in token of his readiness to obey. Anna Pavlovna made a circle round the vicomte and invited every one to hear his story.

    “The vicomte was personally acquainted with his highness,” Anna Pavlovna whispered to one. “The vicomte tells a story perfectly,” she said to another. “How one sees the man of quality,” she said to a third, and the vicomte was presented to the company in the most elegant and advantageous light, like the roast-beef on the hot dish garnished with green parsley.

    The vicomte was about to begin his narrative, and he smiled subtly.

    “Come over here, chère Hélène,” said Anna Pavlovna to the young beauty who was sitting a little way off, the centre of another group.

    Princess Ellen smiled. She got up with the same unchanging smile of the acknowledged beauty with which she had entered the drawing-room. Her white ball-dress adorned with ivy and moss rustled lightly; her white shoulders, glossy hair, and diamonds glittered, as she passed between the men who moved apart to make way for her. Not looking directly at any one, but smiling at every one, as it were courteously allowing to all the right to admire the beauty of her figure, her full shoulders, her bosom and back, which were extremely exposed in the mode of the day, she moved up to Anna Pavlovna, seeming to bring with her the brilliance of the ballroom. Ellen was so lovely that she was not merely free from the slightest shade of coquetry, she seemed on the contrary ashamed of the too evident, too violent and all-conquering influence of her beauty. She seemed to wish but to be unable to soften the effect of her beauty.

    “What a beautiful woman!” every one said on seeing her. As though struck by something extraordinary, the vicomte shrugged his shoulders and dropped his eyes, when she seated herself near him and dazzled him too with the same unchanging smile.

    “Madame, I doubt my abilities before such an audience,” he said, bowing with a smile.

    The princess leaned her plump, bare arm on the table and did not find it necessary to say anything. She waited, smiling. During the vicomte’s story she sat upright, looking from time to time at her beautiful, plump arm, which lay with its line changed by pressure on the table, then at her still lovelier bosom, on which she set straight her diamond necklace. Several times she settled the folds of her gown and when the narrative made a sensation upon the audience, she glanced at Anna Pavlovna and at once assumed

    [size=1pt]ANNA PAVLOVNA smiled and promised to look after Pierre, who was, she knew, related to Prince Vassily on his father’s side. The elderly lady, who had been till then sitting by the aunt, got up hurriedly, and over-took Prince Vassily in the hall. All the affectation of interest she had assumed till now vanished. Her kindly, careworn face expressed nothing but anxiety and alarm.

    “What have you to tell me, prince, of my Boris?” she said, catching him in the hall. “I can’t stay any longer in Petersburg. Tell me what news am I to take to my poor boy?”

    Although Prince Vassily listened reluctantly and almost uncivilly to the elderly lady and even showed signs of impatience, she gave him an ingratiating and appealing smile, and to prevent his going away she took him by the arm. “It is nothing for you to say a word to the Emperor, and he will be transferred at once to the Guards,” she implored.

    “Believe me, I will do all I can, princess,” answered Prince Vassily; “but it’s not easy for me to petition the Emperor. I should advise you to apply to Rumyantsov, through Prince Galitsin; that would be the wisest course.”

    The elderly lady was a Princess Drubetskoy, one of the best families in Russia; but she was poor, had been a long while out of society, and had lost touch with her former connections. She had come now to try and obtain the appointment of her only son to the Guards. It was simply in order to see Prince Vassily that she had invited herself and come to Anna Pavlovna’s party, simply for that she had listened to the vicomte’s story. She was dismayed at Prince Vassily’s words; her once handsome face showed exasperation, but that lasted only one moment. She smiled again and grasped Prince Vassily’s arm more tightly.

    “Hear what I have to say, prince,” she said. “I have never asked you a favour, and never will I ask one; I have never reminded you of my father’s affection for you. But now, for God’s sake, I beseech you, do this for my son, and I shall consider you my greatest benefactor,” she added hurriedly. “No, don’t be angry, but promise me. I have asked Galitsin; he has refused. Be as kind as you used to be,” she said, trying to smile, though there were tears in her eyes.

    “Papa, we are late,” said Princess Ellen, turning her lovely head on her statuesque shoulders as she waited at the door.

    But influence in the world is a capital, which must be carefully guarded if it is not to disappear. Prince Vassily knew this, and having once for all reflected that if he were to beg for all who begged him to do so, he would soon be unable to beg for himself, he rarely made use of his influence. In Princess Drubetskoy’s case, however, he felt after her new appeal something akin to a conscience-prick. She had reminded him of the truth; for his first step upwards in the service he had been indebted to her father. Besides this, he saw from her manner that she was one of those women—especially mothers—who having once taken an idea into their heads will not give it up till their wishes are fulfilled, and till then are prepared for daily, hourly persistence, and even for scenes. This last consideration made him waver.

    “Chère Anna Mihalovna,” he said, with his invariable familiarity and boredom in his voice, “it’s almost impossible for me to do what you wish; but to show you my devotion to you, and my reverence for your dear father’s memory, I will do the impossible—your son shall be transferred to the Guards; here is my hand on it. Are you satisfied?”

    “My dear prince, you are our benefactor. I expected nothing less indeed; I know how good you are—” He tried to get away. “Wait a moment, one word. Once in the Guards …” She hesitated. “You are on friendly terms with Mihail Ilarionovitch Kutuzov, recommend Boris as his adjutant. Then my heart will be set at rest, then indeed …”

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    Re: The Annoying Thread.


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    Re: The Annoying Thread.

    yup this is a pretty annoying thread!

    thank you Josdin00 for the amazing sig!

    and yes... that just happened!

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    Re: The Annoying Thread.

    ugh.. you guys are dumb... god this is annoying.. would it kill you to type in a regular font?

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    Re: The Annoying Thread.


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    Re: The Annoying Thread.

    "VikingMike" wrote:
    [size=2pt]I love this...I've been sending emails and correspondence to people at work in very small font and pissing them off. I think it's a great idea, and we should all adopt it. Best part is no one can see spelling ot grammar errors.
    [size=1pt]That's what gave me the idea, pass on the annoyance.[/size]
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: The Annoying Thread.

    "Å*nowbowler" wrote:
    [size=1pt]I AGREE!
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: The Annoying Thread.

    [size=1pt]....a little yell history....

    marstc09: I quit. Time for porn.
    erik5032: Save yourself Zeus, zip up
    Zeus: She's killing me
    Zeus: True
    triedandtruevi kesfan: brb
    erik5032: juicy, smackable ass?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: well of course... I'm a girl after all
    Prophet: or did she just dive in
    Prophet: were you making out first?
    erik5032: TNT: Was she hot?
    Zeus: Did you find the little man in the boat?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: yeah, it was her
    Zeus: After you got loaded - who made the first move - her, I assume
    marstc09: Why is my question not being answered?
    C Mac D: nope
    triedandtruevi kesfan: nice
    triedandtruevi kesfan: no work today?
    Zeus: Did her cat scratch your ass?
    C Mac D: have the day off
    C Mac D: I am home
    triedandtruevi kesfan: both on the bed
    triedandtruevi kesfan: you goin home conor?
    Prophet: was she on the ground and you on the bed? both on the bed? on the table?
    erik5032: Favorite Quote ever: TNT: if I'm going to go down on someone, I'm going to concentrate and enjoy what I'm doing
    C Mac D: ok, later all
    triedandtruevi kesfan: LOL... you missed the whole thing conor
    marstc09: Did she unzip yours pants or did you?
    Zeus: How very selfish (and guylike)?
    C Mac D: did you enjoy it?
    Zeus: You spent the night - but didn't make a return trip to the Y in the AM?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: LOL
    erik5032: lol
    C Mac D: When we hang out, I'm bringing wine
    triedandtruevi kesfan: or not completely sober
    Zeus: You spent the night - but didn't make a return trip to the Y in the AM?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: lmao... no we had drinks and stuff first... I could have never done it sober
    Prophet: wine, what led up to the big O?
    marstc09: Did she have a big booty?
    C Mac D: good question
    erik5032: LMAO
    Prophet: did she just stop by and rip your pants off?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: I ddi spend the night
    Prophet: how did it lead up to her going down on you
    Zeus: NOOOOOOOO!
    erik5032: "This story is **** without pics*\
    Zeus: Did you spend the night?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: brb
    triedandtruevi kesfan: lol.. no
    triedandtruevi kesfan: she did mars
    C Mac D: do you have pictures?
    Prophet: there are more unanswered questions
    triedandtruevi kesfan: lol... not much else to the story Z
    marstc09: Did she have a nice body?
    Zeus: I'm not done here, Proph
    C Mac D: hahaha
    Prophet: details
    Zeus: And then what?
    Zeus: So - you finished her off
    Prophet: ok, move onto the threesome
    C Mac D: wow
    triedandtruevi kesfan: no, she was actually bi, and the next night I took her to a party with me... she was annoying me so I stuck her with a guy friend of mine and let her take him home that night
    Zeus: SHUT UP CONOR - TNT's telling us her experimentatio n stories
    C Mac D: hell froze over\
    Zeus: So, TNT - did you bask in the afterglow, or run from the uncomfortable aftermath?
    Prophet: so did you ever get a call from her again?
    C Mac D: Zeus is talking about threesomes, Mars about 69int
    marstc09: I see
    NodakPaul: wow are you ever a day late C Mac
    triedandtruevi kesfan: its still weird
    Zeus: Don't refresh, NP!
    triedandtruevi kesfan: I know it
    C Mac D: Whats going on in here?
    erik5032: I didn't look at the yell before i posted i would never have interrupted this beauty
    marstc09: No that is my girls name
    NodakPaul: crap. I have to go to a meeting...
    triedandtruevi kesfan: lmao... mars... it is way too weird to see my name like that
    Zeus: There's more to be discussed here
    Zeus: I'm not ready for the 3some talk yet
    BloodyHorns82: Yeah it is Erik...and you come in here with some olympic overage bull****.
    triedandtruevi kesfan: LOL... very true bh... I think I did, but who knows... I don't fake it, I make damn sure the person knows I didn't cum
    Prophet: ok, so if you're not sharing more on the one-on-one, break into the threesome with more detail
    erik5032: *Best Story Ever*
    Zeus: triedandtruevi kesfan : if I'm going to go down on someone, I'm going to concentrate and enjoy what I'm doing
    Zeus: Things I'm adding to the list of saved TNT quotes:
    marstc09: Jocelyn says she can't concentrate either when we 69
    BloodyHorns82: She wouldn't know...chicks are known to fake it. lol A taste of their own medicine.
    triedandtruevi kesfan: of course we did proph... that part I actually liked
    Zeus: So - did you bring her to the Big O?
    BloodyHorns82: Focus
    triedandtruevi kesfan: if I'm going to go down on someone, I'm going to concentrate and enjoy what I'm doing
    Prophet: ok, so you both have huge breasts and you didn't indulge in each other's breasts?
    Zeus: Best for the ladies to be able to lay back and concentrate
    triedandtruevi kesfan: it is Z... I don't enjoy the whole 69 thing
    NodakPaul: what? are you kidding m?
    Zeus: 69 is too distracting for the ladies
    BloodyHorns82: jelly finger... lmao
    marstc09: I understand. I am not a big fan either.
    Prophet: you should have 69ed
    Zeus: Did you go jelly finger on her?
    NodakPaul: aha
    triedandtruevi kesfan: I did... I just didn't enjoy it
    NodakPaul: did she have to go finish the job herself?
    BloodyHorns82: Were you sober?
    Prophet: you just left?
    Zeus: Pure animal lust, eh?
    NodakPaul: apparently TNT didn't pleasure her back...
    triedandtruevi kesfan: lol... I don't think we snuggled
    Prophet: did you snuggle all night long, make out?
    marstc09: see laugh at me now guys
    BloodyHorns82: Thats after they douche or shower...too clean.
    Prophet: so you pleasured each other then snuggled?
    marstc09: Sometimes there is no taste
    NodakPaul: *brother
    triedandtruevi kesfan: It wasn't the taste so much... as just the experience
    BloodyHorns82: It's bitter like beer. Whats not to like?
    NodakPaul: *frother
    NodakPaul: amen borther Zeus
    Zeus: I love the taste
    triedandtruevi kesfan: LMAO
    NodakPaul: obviously
    marstc09: Did you not like the taste?
    erik5032: wait is this a true story?
    erik5032: giggidy giggidy goo
    BloodyHorns82: Did she feel yours?
    Zeus: NP - will you be sending each of us the transcript?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: lol.. no proph... like I said... not really my thing
    BloodyHorns82: Just tulk it in your waist band. lol
    Prophet: what about the breasts?
    NodakPaul: Dear Penthouse...
    marstc09: ughhhh
    Zeus: I need to tuck under my desk
    Prophet: are you salivating just thinking about it?
    marstc09: Too hairy would turn me off to TNT
    Zeus: oooooooooooo
    triedandtruevi kesfan: no... we were both shaved
    Prophet: why not? was she shaven?
    Zeus: Not hair enough?
    BloodyHorns82: Cheesey?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: lol... it wasn't bad or anything
    NodakPaul: too hairy?
    marstc09: Dirty?
    BloodyHorns82: Not a fan of taco?
    Zeus: Was she not clean?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: I did return the favor... but thats where I had my issues
    Zeus: Best BIG O, that is
    Prophet: flat tongue or rolled up?
    Zeus: Best you ever had?
    BloodyHorns82: Wooooooooooooo ooooot !!!
    erik5032: go ahead with your sexcapades
    NodakPaul: and did you return the favor TNT
    triedandtruevi kesfan: she did
    erik5032: LMAO
    Zeus: So - TNT - she pleasured you all the way to the Big "O"?
    BloodyHorns82: mood killer erik
    marstc09: your ruining the vibe Erik
    BloodyHorns82: STFU Erik! Don't you see what is happening here!!!!!!!!
    Prophet: did you get her going with your tongue?
    erik5032: haha
    NodakPaul: dammit erik
    triedandtruevi kesfan: lmao
    erik5032: no one could catch a guy who could runa 3.54 40 yard dash
    NodakPaul: erik - you suck
    Zeus: ERIK SHUT UP
    triedandtruevi kesfan: of course there was
    erik5032: Ussain Bolt should become a Wide Receiver
    triedandtruevi kesfan: I do have to say, she was better at it than any guy
    Zeus: Was there alcohol involved?
    BloodyHorns82: Did you cuddle afterwards?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: oh I don't know proph... long enough
    Prophet: did you like her technique?
    Prophet: how long?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: I was shy
    triedandtruevi kesfan: she did
    triedandtruevi kesfan: I actually don't know if I ever told him this story
    BloodyHorns82: *session
    Zeus: So - who went first?
    BloodyHorns82: Are we in the Q and A section yet? Or still listening to the story line TNT?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: LMAO Z
    NodakPaul: shhh, she's back
    Zeus: No wonder Del was attracted to her - it reminded him of his fishing trips
    BloodyHorns82: One of us should call her desk line and tie up the extension so she quits getting interupted with calls.
    triedandtruevi kesfan: alright...
    BloodyHorns82: hell
    BloodyHorns82: She's acting like a politician.
    Zeus: Who the **** wants to travel when we've got hot lesbian action happening?
    BloodyHorns82: this is agony
    Prophet: lot of unanswered questions
    Prophet: we don't know that
    BloodyHorns82: She said brb again.
    NodakPaul: she didn't say.. yet
    Zeus: Did TNT go first?
    NodakPaul: highlight of the yell
    NodakPaul: triedandtruevi kesfan : no not 69... we each went seperately
    NodakPaul: marstc09: 69
    BloodyHorns82: Who doesn't like pink taco? I mean seriously. Even women love that ****.
    Prophet: yeah, have to know which one it was
    marstc09: a lot
    NodakPaul: everything
    Zeus: Someone stopped by my cube - what did I miss???
    NodakPaul: I figure either she didn't like the other girl's technique, or didn't like the pink taco herself...
    BloodyHorns82: *Prophet
    BloodyHorns82: I'm no quitter Proh.
    BloodyHorns82: lol
    NodakPaul: lol
    CTVikingfan: Why didnt I join this site earlier
    Prophet: lmao, BH had to quit midstroke
    marstc09: This is like blue balls
    NodakPaul: oh dear God
    BloodyHorns82: Nooooooooooooo o!!!!! !!!!!
    marstc09: wtf
    triedandtruevi kesfan: brb again
    NodakPaul: better or worse than men?
    BloodyHorns82: What turned you off? Sounds hot as hell to me.
    marstc09: nice!
    BloodyHorns82: Took turns?
    NodakPaul: shazam!
    triedandtruevi kesfan: no not 69... we each went seperately
    marstc09: 69
    triedandtruevi kesfan: her bed... I still lived at home at the time
    marstc09: What happend that night?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: there was no strap ons... lol
    BloodyHorns82: Who's bed?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: and spent the night together
    Prophet: details...
    triedandtruevi kesfan: so anyways... we hook up the following weekend
    BloodyHorns82: Zzzzzz
    NodakPaul: <cut scene to the following weekend>
    BloodyHorns82: Just hit the DnD button
    BloodyHorns82: So anyways, she had big fake boobies...and?
    NodakPaul: I took my phone off the hook
    BloodyHorns82: j/k
    Prophet: are you all hot talking about this?
    BloodyHorns82: My phone is ringing right now and I'm not answering!
    triedandtruevi kesfan: lol... I am and work and I do have to answer the phone when it rings
    Prophet: ok, the scene is set. #s exchanged, called.....
    BloodyHorns82: Knowing it is being saved will surely scare her off.
    Zeus: Rock on, NP!
    NodakPaul: I have the conversatin all the way back to TNT saying "my boss just gave me a passport application"
    BloodyHorns82: Thats not all she'll be massaging.
    Zeus: I think she's getting the boss to come over to massage her shoulders while she tells us
    BloodyHorns82: It's worse than a ****ing commercial break during the Vikings games.
    NodakPaul: I just got it
    Zeus: (Is anyone saving this whole convo?)
    BloodyHorns82: lol
    NodakPaul: lol
    BloodyHorns82: Hold on...let me grab a kleenex.
    marstc09: brb?
    Prophet: what? brb after setting it up?
    Zeus: BRB??? YOU TEASE!
    NodakPaul: (she's shuttin gthe door...)
    marstc09: and......
    BloodyHorns82: drooling
    triedandtruevi kesfan: brb
    triedandtruevi kesfan: (and yes bh... she had big boobs... but they were fake)
    triedandtruevi kesfan: so we exchanged numbers and all that fun stuff and met up the next weekend
    Zeus: Don't scare her off, BH!
    BloodyHorns82: then what?
    NodakPaul: shhhh . let her talk
    BloodyHorns82: Oh yeah...mother daughter sex - HOT!
    triedandtruevi kesfan: which I thought was really weird, but hey... why not
    Zeus: Strap-on?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: I was like 19... I had met this girl at a party with a bunch of friends and she hit on me...
    marstc09: LOL Prop
    BloodyHorns82: Was she hot? Did she have big boobs? Or were they itty bitty titties?
    Zeus: Yes - work is secondary to your experimentatio n stories
    Prophet: was it with your mom?
    NodakPaul: no way - can't concentrate now
    BloodyHorns82: You can't leave us hanging
    marstc09: work can wait
    Prophet: come on tnt, how did it start?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: lol
    triedandtruevi kesfan: you all need to go back to work
    BloodyHorns82: Set the mood first.
    NodakPaul: it is like my radar went off. Lesbian stories? where?
    Zeus: NOW - everyone BE QUIET - and let TNT recreate the scene
    BloodyHorns82: LOL....I was just about to get back to work.
    Zeus: LOL - all of PPO is coming out of the woodwork now, NP!
    marstc09: always a need
    BloodyHorns82: Oh there is a need.
    Zeus: Oh - there's a HUGE need
    NodakPaul: wow, ok that's it. I am officially not doing any more work today. just watching the yell from now on
    triedandtruevi kesfan: lol... I don't think there's a need to go into the stories, it was a long time ago
    marstc09: details please.
    Zeus: Good call, Proph
    BloodyHorns82: We don't want to get the stories mixed up.
    BloodyHorns82: Good idea prophet.
    Prophet: ok, start with the girl and then move onto the threesome
    BloodyHorns82: what happened?
    Zeus: I'm not going to be able to get up from desk for an hour after this
    Zeus: Yeah
    BloodyHorns82: What is it about girls that you don' like TNT?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: lol
    triedandtruevi kesfan: I've had a 3some and I've been with just a girl
    Zeus: Double sausage fest!
    marstc09: Tell but let me close the door first
    triedandtruevi kesfan: lol... there's not going to be a next time... I learned (through experience) that I'm not into girls
    Prophet: was it two girls and a guy?
    BloodyHorns82: Niiiiiice.
    Prophet: the last time was a threesome if i remember correctly
    BloodyHorns82: Next time do us a favor and at least film the session.
    Zeus: PPO Story Time!
    Prophet: you can't stop at once
    Zeus: DO TELL
    triedandtruevi kesfan: no thanks... I've had those experiences... I don't want them with my boss, or anyone else for that matter
    BloodyHorns82: Free floss!!!
    marstc09: Like when you find a hair in your food
    Zeus: Gives you something to floss with, however
    triedandtruevi kesfan: lovely
    BloodyHorns82: Bait her TNT.
    marstc09: The thought of it makes me gag
    triedandtruevi kesfan: LOL
    BloodyHorns82: *throat
    BloodyHorns82: Your like...excuse me *clear throad repeatedly until running to the bathroom to gargle some water.
    Prophet: ok, so now that we have confirmed that tnt's boss is a lesbo..why aren't there any stories about her?
    marstc09: **** ya that ruins the moment
    BloodyHorns82: You don't want to get any hairs in your throat.
    marstc09: I ID
    BloodyHorns82: The balder the long as they're legal.
    marstc09: No like a big booty baldy
    BloodyHorns82: Just like an 8 year old girl Mars.
    BloodyHorns82: Mmmmmmmm mammaries.
    marstc09: There should be no carpet Zeus
    Prophet: how can you not wonder, she's hovering over your desk checking out your mammaries
    BloodyHorns82: You should find out. Experimenting leads to experience which will lead to job promotion.
    BloodyHorns82: Most lesbos are married with children...fac t. (from my ass)
    triedandtruevi kesfan: well I don't plan on finding out if thats the truth
    Zeus: You can be married, have kids and still munch carpet
    Zeus: That means NOTHING
    triedandtruevi kesfan: it could all be a front I suppose
    triedandtruevi kesfan: I haven't, no. But, she's married and has 2 kids
    Zeus: How do you really know, TNT? Have you made a pass that was rejected?
    Prophet: Just wondering.
    triedandtruevi kesfan: lol... no
    Prophet: is your boss a lesbian tnt?
    triedandtruevi kesfan: not so subtle
    Zeus: She's sending you a subtle hint
    triedandtruevi kesfan: lol... my boss just gave me a passport application
    RK.: very zen
    RK.: I was thinking of just the packed and swept dirt look
    BleedinPandG: you could always cement over your entire yard...
    RK.: the new reality

    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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