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    Animal Farm Survey

    Just look at last year's schedule and I think you'll remember vikez4lyfe

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    Thanks so much for your help!
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    Animal Farm Survey

    1) How long ago did you read Animal Farm? in 8th grad about 10 year ago
    2) Which character do you relate to the most? Why? snowball bcz snowball wa snever given a chance
    3) Would Snowball have made a better leader than Napoleon? Why/Why Not? Yes would have ran the farm more efficently
    4) Why do you think Orwell called Animal Farm a "fairy tale"? Becuase he wanted to peope to buy the book. if it was catorgized as a anti socailist book or somethign he woudlnt haave done as well,
    5) Do you feel that Orwell's view of Animal Farm was closely related to the actual state of Russia at the time? Why/Why Not? Yes at the time I feel it was close as thats what happened to Soviet russia
    6) Do you think that some of the animals were brainwashed by Napoleon and the other pigs? Explain Yes because they bought into the whole animals are equal but others are more equaly deal and put up with the pig running the farm liek the human masters - soemthing they didnt to happen

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