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    Re: The Amero is coming!!

    "olson_10" wrote:
    "i_bleed_purple" wrote:
    yea thats it, we wanna be french.
    Like that province that doesn't want to even be part of Canada because they're not like the rest of us.
    Or we wanna be american.
    We'd love to have half the world hate us as a nation, we'd love to have Billions of Dollars of debt and have that strong US dollar dwindle down to next to nothing.
    You've got us dead on.
    Wow your smart.
    you arent making any valid points at all other than meaningless bickering..sure you are going to get the ignorant bunch on this site that are going to argue with you about whose country is better but youve gotta ignore a fellow resident of canada, i see the positive in this..the only thing you are saying is that you want to remain strictly canadian, which is just totally based on pride..canada is still a country if this proposal was to come to fruition and nothing changes other than people keeping their jobs and potentially paying $10-$15 less at the pump without canadian business jacking up prices for absolutely no reason other than to stay 10% more expensive than american items..the american dollar goes down, canadians lose out..without unbelievably crazy prices on everything, this proposal would put thousands of dollars back into the average canadian citizens pockets every year

    is possibly saving several thousand dollars a year really worth it for you to say "F*** YOU AMERICA WEVE GOT OUR OWN CURRENCY WITH A QUEEN ON IT THAT WE STILL GIVE MONEY TO"..i definitely say no
    you bring up some very good points. my only real opposition is based on national pride and disdain of being tied to the US. unless the canadian public is well educated on the positives of such a deal, i guarantee the majority will feel the same way.

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    Re: The Amero is coming!!

    "thevikingfan" wrote:
    I may understand the us and canadian dollar (because the candaian dollar is actually worth more now that the american) but peso?cmon 1 peso is 10 cents that would screw the whole formula up

    Actually the Canadian dollar is at 98 cents to the US dollar, but has hovered around and above parity ever since it went to $1.10 last fall. As for the peso being worth less, the euro isn't accepted at the same value all across Europe. An item in Ireland may cost 5 euros, while the same item in Slovenia may cost 3 euros. The euro also wasn't adopted on a 1 previous unit of currency to 1 euro exchange. When Belgium switched to the euro, the exchange was 40 francs to the euro, whereas when Ireland switched over, the exchange was .78 pounds to the euro. The peso could be exchanged at say, 10 to one, whereas the US and Canadian dollars could be exchanged at par

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