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    Re: America's best judge

    **Keeping a sniper's eye on this thread**

    Cajun....move a little more to the left.


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    Re: America's best judge

    "Del Rio" wrote:
    "tarkenton10" wrote:
    I'm the keeper of the faith Del! You have to break a few eggs to make an omlette!!
    I do love a good omlette.

    I like the Western version with Steak, bacon, eggs, cheese, salsa, hell stuff some hashbrowns in there a few onions bell peppers..........
    Del, good atempt at changing the subject, but it appears that this thread is going to continue down the political road. You have mod rights in the clubhouse. You mind locking this one?

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    Re: America's best judge

    I always find it wrong to lock a thread that has "potential" to go south but hasn't gone yet.

    I am a noob mod though so I guess I will if the Elders want it done.

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