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[size=12pt]American Idol: The Antonella Barba Situation[/size]
February 27, 2007

American Idol contestant Antonella Barba is an attractive girl.
Those who have been following the supposed “scandal” involving Barba may think this statement is obvious, or inconsequential, but they're wrong.
It may be the most important fact when discussing the nature of the “scandal”, what the ramifications will or should be, and what it all means.
You'll see what I'm getting at in a second. First (for those of you who haven't had access to the internet tubes for the past week), is a brief rundown of the situation involving American Idol hopeful Antonella Barba:

Antonella Barba, a 20-year college student from Jersey, is a top 20 finalist on American Idol.
After last week's episodes aired, a topless photo of Antonella hit the internet.
But, it wasn't really topless.
It was of Antonella and a group of friends on the beach, all covering their breasts with their hands, presumably while sunbathing.
Not really.

Next, a batch of photos hit the internet, these more scandalous.
They show Antonella in various in revealing outfits, drinking what is almost certainly alcohol, and generally acting slutty.
A bunch seem to be from a New Year's Party (which make the pictures understandable), although others are of her under a fountain with a wet t-shirt (which is the type of thing that, usually, doesn't happen randomly).
These photos don't show any explicit nudity and, if they were meant to be personal (which they look to be), aren't especially damning.

A few days ago, then, some hardcore, explicit photos hit the internet that showed Antonella naked and engaging in sex acts.
Almost immediately, though, the validity of these photos were called into question.
They looked like Antonella, but not totally, and it wasn't long before they were proven to be taken directly from an online porn site, thus proving that it was not Antonella in the pictures.
They were fake.