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Thread: Allstar teams..

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    Allstar teams..

    Alright.. Im pretty bored so I feel like making all star teams.. Feel free to make your own if you want.. Im doing football, Hockey, basketball.. If mods don't want this thread go ahead and lock it..

    QB- Brady
    RB- Ladainian
    FB- Neal
    WR- Moss
    WR- C. Johnson
    TE- Gates

    PG- Nash
    SG- Wade
    SF- Kobe
    PF- K.G
    C- Shaq

    LW- Kovalchuk
    C- Datsyuk
    RW- Gaborik
    D- Aucoin
    D- Chara
    G- Luongo

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    Re: Allstar teams..

    Please tell me that you're joking. STAAL ISNT ON YOUR HOCKEY ALL STAR TEAM????? WHAT???? :lol:

    jk man.. he should be though. 21 years old... leads the NHL in points...

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    Re: Allstar teams..

    QB - Manning
    RB - L. T.
    FB - Mack Strong
    WR - Chad Johnson
    WR - Hines Ward
    TE - Gates

    DE - Freeney
    DE - Peppers
    DT - P. Williams
    DT - Seymore
    OLB - Porter
    MLB - Urlacher
    OLB - Morgan
    CB - Robinson
    CB - Hall
    FS - Reed
    SS - Williams

    PG - Wade
    SG - A. I
    SF - K. G.
    PF - Duncan
    C - Shaq

    C - Lecavalier
    LW - Kovalchuk
    RW - Iglina
    D - Foote
    D - Pitkanen
    G - Brodeur

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    Re: Allstar teams..

    Wow, Lebron gets not love? WTF?

    PG - Wade
    SG - Allen
    SF - K. G.
    PF - James
    C - Duncan

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    Re: Allstar teams..

    danny i think ur weird (u really are weird) if u dont have lebron on it! even i know to have him on it and i dont watch much basketball, and quit trying to do stuff to my folder! it takes too long to reoragize u know! lol

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    Re: Allstar teams..

    QB: McNabb (sorry guys)
    RB: L.T.
    FB: Jimmy K!
    WR: Moss
    WR: Steve Smith
    TE: Gates

    DT: Bryant Young
    DT: Rod Coleman
    DE: Freeny
    DE: Jason Taylor
    MLB: Zach Thomas
    OLB: Cato June
    OLB: Vilma
    CB: DeAnglo Hall
    CB: Champ Baily
    FS: Roy Williams
    SS: Troy Polamalu

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