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    'Adult Mario' robotic rig rewards you with booze

    Here is a new twist on an old favorite. Some of you who have played this a few times might become a bit inebreated. :laugh:

    Gentlemen, the game is "Adult Mario." Made for Austria's Roboexotica "cocktailrobotics" hour, Adult Mario refreshes the classic with booze and sensory feedback.

    Running around, for instance, has a fan gently blowing in your face, but the real joy comes from breaking blocks, vanquishing enemies and reaching that end-of-the-level flag pole. All three things will have Adult Mario dishing out rum and coke to the player, awarding more the more you do.

    The video above explains the system in detail, though with soda instead booze.

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    Re:'Adult Mario' robotic rig rewards you with booze

    lol, that's pretty cool

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