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    "mnjamie" wrote:
    "mblack76" wrote:
    "Benet" wrote:
    Firstly: Eto'o was offside for the first goal. And that wasn't the ref's fault. That was all on the linesman.

    Second: Henry should have scored twice, Valdes denied him.

    Third: Why sub Fabregas? He was IMMENSE in that game, just like he has been all season long. Spain could do a lot worse than starting him in centre-midfield.

    Fourth: Oleguer, Puyol, Emerson, and van Bommel all should have been given marching orders during that game. Oleguer and Puyol for consistent fouls. Emerson and van Bommel for persistant fouls AND DEMANDED THAT JENS LEHMANN BE SENT OFF BY WAVING THEIR HANDS IN A GESTURE OF SHOWING A CARD.*

    *I HATE any player that demands another player be sent off. I deplore it with all my being, and Barca have been added to my hit-list of teams that are unsporting and act like spoiled brats.

    Fifth: More will be coming tomorrow after work when I've had time to digest all this.

    Sixth: My forthcoming posts on this subject will be more balanced with regards to the game, but at the moment I'm too pissed off to even try and be fair.
    I told you about this game didnt I? On the day it mattered most my boy delivered. The less that is said about Henry the better. His comments after the game were just plain immature.

    You are soo off base. :lol:

    I watched the entire match and never have seen one before (from start to finish). I do watch soccer though, mainly the national squad, so i'm not a novice.

    I was wondering also, there were not many offsides called. I used to many of them being called all the time, not many yesterday.

    As for Henry:

    The man dominated that match, with little or no support and being a man down. Eto'o showed up for a few minutes in the 2nd, granted they were very good minutes, but his manager also was willing to make the moves when it mattered like bringing Larsson in.

    The only person I see that screwed the pooch in this match was Arsenal's manager. Your star says something is not working and is of Henry's character and talent ... you make the change when the product you have on the field is not producing results. You have to do something !!!!

    As for the cards that were not called, I answered that in my earlier post ... It was VERY clear early in the match and throughout, the Ref's were going to do everything in their power to ensure Barcellona won that match if they could help it.

    well first it should have been .

    1. Goal by Bartsa and yellow card to arsenal's goalkeeper.
    2. Etu's goal was questionable on where the linesman was. as there was a back left Arsenal defender around 1/2 a body past etu.. hence no offsides.
    (from my point of vew)

    3. Henry's yellow card was BS.. he hit the ball first.. it was a mean tackle but shoulda been a foul not a card.

    all in all.. Bartsa once they got larson in were able to sync all their efforts. Ronildinio is good. but larson is experienced and damn good!!


    "We tried to stick with it, but there was a point where we were beating our head against a wall," Seattle Coach Mora talking about running at the Williams Wall

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    For all the hype of Ronaldino ... he didn't do sh!t IMO. He had some nice runs, but was a ball hog who in the long run hurt his team. He could have set alot of his teammates up by dribbling in and then passing off when the defense converged.

    Henry, had some awesome set pieces and serves the ball very well to his teammates.

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