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    9/11 Let us not forget !

    This will always be a day that I will never forget.
    I remember sitting in my living room, watching the morning tv shows while recovering from an arm surgery.
    I had my son David on the floor and was playing with him.
    Then the reports of a plane hitting the twin tower,
    then a second plane, this is when my thoughts did a 360 and I knew this was bad, really bad.
    Like so many other Americans, I was glued to the TV and listening to all of the reports as they came in. I also remember my sister calling me and crying.
    It waters my eyes today, thinking of all those innocent people and public service workers, who lost their lives and in many cases acted so bravely to help others in need.

    I will never forget, and I always pray that we as a country stay strong and united.

    Where were you and what do you remember most that unforgetable day?


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    Re: 9/11 Let us not forget !

    I was watching ESPN in the morning getting ready to head out for the day.
    Wife was in the shower.
    I remember seeing the news break in and yelling for her to get out and see the TV.

    We were living on campus then (my wife worked there).
    The president of the university canceled school, and the crisis team (which my wife was a part of) assembled.
    I headed to the Union to see what I could do.
    I remember seeing the first of the towers fall on the Union TV, and feeling sick to my stomach when I thought of the people still inside.
    It still affects me strongly to this day.

    I had seperated from seven years active duty one year before.
    I had to do one year of inactive reserves when I seperated.
    My inactive commitment was up August 24th, 2001, just 18 days prior to 9/11.
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    Re: 9/11 Let us not forget !

    At the time, I was living in Northern VA, DC suburbs, about 5 miles from Dulles Airport.

    I was at work, in the QA lab (at AOL), testing away when someone rushed in and switched on the TV (a rather small set).
    Slowly the crowd gathered as we watched.
    Saw the 2nd plane hit.
    Saw the first tower fall.
    Then someone came over the loudspeakers at AOL and said to evacuate and go home.
    So I ran for my car, laptop in bag and managed to get out of the garage and parking lot ahead of most of the traffic (it was nightmarish).

    Got home in about 5 mins to see the 2nd tower fall.
    Then I waited anxiously for my wife to get home (she also worked at AOL).
    Couldn't get her on the phone.
    Finally got back into my car to see if something had happened to her.
    About a block from the house, I saw her car coming home and did a U-turn and met back up with her.
    Had a huge hug and then we sat, transfixed, like all Americans watching the TV coverage.

    Rumors were flying about other attacks in the DC area.
    Lots of government buildings all over the place out there, as you can imagine.
    We went over to our friends' house later and spent the afternoon and evening marvelling at what had happened.

    We were supposed to fly out on 9/12 to go to Wisconsin for my mom's 60th birthday on the 13th - she did not know we were coming.
    So we, instead, hopped into my car that morning and drove across country.
    It was eerie.
    The roads were basically empty and it was strange how you don't notice how many planes are in the sky until they aren't there.
    Lots of road constructions lighted signs had been changed to read "God Bless America" and such.

    We got to Chicago on the evening of the 12th and showed up at the hotel at which we already had a reservation.
    Their reaction was crazy.
    They were basically expecting no one to be there since the planes were grounded.
    They gave us a free upgrade to a suite since they were half-capacity.
    We went out for dinner at the Italian Village on Monroe Street which was also empty.
    Bought a $125 bottle of wine to toast being alive.

    Found out the next morning that my college classmate Fred Rimmele was on one of the NY planes.
    We got up to mom's later that morning, parked down the street and walked up to knock on the door.
    Her reaction to seeing us was fabulous.
    It was good to be around family.


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    Re: 9/11 Let us not forget !

    I was working on Madison Avenue at the time...I was in my office listening to the radio when the DJ said a small plane had hit the WTC. So I went into the boss's office (he was out of town) and turn on the TV, and I see the fire and lots of smoke at One WTC. More people come in and we're watching as the 2nd plane hits, and now everyone in the office is crazy. A few of us go up to the roof and watch the buildings from there. I call my wife on her cell phone, finally get through, and tell her I'll be home as soon as the trains start running (they shut down the LIRR).

    We were shocked when Two WTC comes down. At that point we were thinking there were going to be deaths in the tens of thousands. Many of us were concerned about family and friends who worked in and around the area. One lady in the office was frantic...her son-in-law worked in the building and she hadn't heard from him. Later we found out that he had taken the elevator down to the lobby, and then he went back up to get more of his friends out...he got out safely.

    The LIRR started running mid-afternoon...riding home was eerily quiet. Full train, no one was talking. The eerie feeling lasted for days. The office was closed Wed. When I returned to work, I visited a few of the city firehouses. Some had lost as many as 11 firemen (including Michael Lynch, a family friend). I left flowers, prayed, and spoke with some of the firemen. I thanked them for their service to the city and told them how sorry I was for the fallen. It chokes me up even today.
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