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    6-year-old takes family car after missing bus

    WICOMICO CHURCH, Va. – A 6-year-old Virginia boy who missed his bus tried to drive to school in his family's sedan — and crashed. His parents were charged with child endangerment. State police said the boy suffered only minor injuries and authorities drove him to school after he was evaluated at a local hospital for a bump on his head. He arrived shortly after lunch, Sgt. Tom Cunningham said.

    It happened around 7:40 a.m. Monday on Route 360, about 61 miles east of Richmond.

    The boy, whose name wasn't released, missed the bus, took the keys to his family's 2005 Ford Taurus and drove nearly six miles toward school while his mother was asleep, police said.

    He made at least two 90-degree turns, passed several cars and ran off the rural two-lane road several times before hitting an embankment and utility pole about a mile and a half from school.......;_ylt=AvVP5Au7nx_ywLJAHqKkkbIsQE4F

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    Re: 6-year-old takes family car after missing bus

    He was NOT
    a 6 year old ,he was a midget

    .Midgets are totally underated by the society
    El underdog.

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