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    Re: 6 Things You Don't Know about Minnesota

    "COJOMAY" wrote:
    I don't want to brag, but a photographer friend and myself started the annual "Luktefisk Days" when I was with the newspaper there. I read a small piece in years past that Lac Qui Parle County (Madison) ate more Lutefisk per capita than any other town in the US. From there we began the annula celebration.
    The first celebration we had was emceed by Boone and Erickson from WCCO radio and the highlight of the celebration was the choosing of "MS Lutefisk." To be entered in the contest you had to weight at least 200 pounds and be willing to model in a swimsuit.
    Ivy Vonderharr, a teacher at the high school won the event.
    We also had a tabacco spitting contest and invited the University of Minesota School of Forestry member to participate with us. They showed up in force.
    Interesting! Please don't post a picture of Ms. Lutefisk.

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    Re: 6 Things You Don't Know about Minnesota

    "thetrenches68OL" wrote:
    Zubas are frickin awesome
    my dad used to have pruple, yellow, and white zubaz, but he threw them away in the late 90's after they went out of fashion..

    i would kill to get zubaz to where to school!
    i m better than you, so just give up...

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    Re: 6 Things You Don't Know about Minnesota


    Well, I'm glad that the person that wrote this up is indeed an idiot (I am referring to #4). I think he is jealous of Michigan's upper peninsula because we can walk down the street without getting shot at and the natural beauty and nice people of the area are better than the s***holes that are Flint and Detroit.
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    Re: 6 Things You Don't Know about Minnesota

    Just had to include the photo now that I've been challanged -- For Cajun's sake!
    Kentucky Vikes Fan

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    Re: 6 Things You Don't Know about Minnesota

    I have a pair of zubaz my friends bought me for Christmas like 3 years ago. They are purple and yellow. I wore them to work for Football games when I didn't have Sundays off. Now I do. Minnesota was the first state to volunteer for the Civil War.
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    Re: 6 Things You Don't Know about Minnesota

    hey who doesnt love spam right?
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