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    $500 million Sunken Ship Gold Find

    You've probably all heard about the richest sunken ship find in the world found recently in the Atlantic Ocean. The gold and silver is estimated at over $500 million dollars and they aren't done finding it all yet.
    But what's interesting is that the company who found the treasure is a little-known exploration company, Florida-based Odyssey Marine Research, which is owned by New York-based Fortress Investments, a private equity and hedge fund manager. And here's where it really gets interesting, the senior adviser and major investor is none other than John Edwards, a Democratic candidate for president. The same Edwards who recently charged $50,000 for a talk on helping the poor. What the heck does he know about being poor?
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    Re: $500 million Sunken Ship Gold Find

    Unfortunetly there are not many Harvard educated proffessional speakers who are poor, too bad they could make a ton of money. ;D

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    Re: $500 million Sunken Ship Gold Find

    Interesting Coj, heard about this story, but, didn't know about the pretty boy's connection to it.
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    Re: $500 million Sunken Ship Gold Find

    I like Gooold!!!

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    Re: $500 million Sunken Ship Gold Find

    Rich just keep getting richer

    just ask bush and his daddy about it.

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