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    4 PM Curfew at MOA?

    So, what do you think of the new 4 PM curfew at MOA? I think 4 is too early.

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    Re: 4 PM Curfew at MOA?

    It would help if you posted an article explaining the curfew & why they did it.
    I'm still bumming over the Coates/Jakes ordeal.

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    Re: 4 PM Curfew at MOA?

    Well since it doesn't really affect me, I could care a less!

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    Re: 4 PM Curfew at MOA?

    i really disliked curfews before i turned 18 doesn't bother me anymore. cops down here though will automatically think you're up to no good if
    you're out past 9.

    also down here you can only be at the mall with 2 buddies or something like that.

    Thanks Josdin

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