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    3 Concepts from BMW that will never see a showroom

    These are wonderful fantasies for the "green" world, giving great economy with BMW performance.
    It's a shame we will never be able to purchase them >

    1. Simple concept is part-bike, part-car, and a leaner Beamer


    2. BMW revamps the electric scooter

    Almost a decade after it's initial failed entry into scooterville, BMW is showing off a prototype of an updated version of the scooter, complete with a roll bar. The intention of the C1-E is a safe, environmentally friendly and practical vehicle. Not sure if aesthetics made it on the list.

    The C1-E can run from a lithion-ion powered electric motor, or an efficient low-emissions internal combustion engine. It's designed for city use with 27 horsepower and a top speed of 100k. It will go from zero to 80 kmph in seven seconds. Zoom.

    At the moment, there are no plans to actually produce this for the masses. Even if it's designed by BMW, we're not sure if seat belts will catch on in the scooter business, but you can't deny that combined with the roll bar, they're safer than your average bike.
    3. BMW Lovos concept car gives you eco-friendly wings

    [img width=450 height=332][/img]

    Anne Forschner, a student of design at the Pforzheim University in Germany, proves that concept cars can be futuristic, sexy, and ecologically responsible. The Lovos (Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity) concept car, developed in conjunction with BMW, offers an aggressive design highlighted by a series of "scales" wrapping the entire car.

    The function of the solar photovoltaic panels, each one interchangeable, would be to operate as solar cells when flipped around thus collecting energy for the vehicle's electric motor. The panels would also act as a new kind of air brake, aerodynamically slowing the car down with an organic-style flip of its feathers. Some concepts are just wild fantasies, but the Lovos really needs to become a reality.

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    Re: 3 Concepts from BMW that will never see a showroom

    I want a lego car that really works
    We're bringing purple back.

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