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    2010 NBA Free Agents

    If you haven't been told yet, 2010 is going to be a year when the NBA will be completely shaken up.
    It seems that every big name player is going to be a free agent in some form, but will the T-wolves be in the running for anyone?
    The only player we might lose in 2010 is Telfair, so we should have a pretty filled up lineup already unless we plan to do very little next year and then save space for '10.
    Also, even if we have the money, who he hell is going to honestly want to come to the T-wolves anyway?
    We are one of the least marketable teams in the league.
    Here is a list of the players who are FA in 2010.
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    Re: 2010 NBA Free Agents

    Some big names

    Idk how our team will look then or know what our needs will be.. Or who will be good then

    So I can't really say who I would like to persue

    But im sure most of the big names will get locked up

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