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    Re: 10 PLaces To Eat Before You Die

    The "Y"...just ask TNT about that place.


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    Re: 10 PLaces To Eat Before You Die

    R.K will know this place: Franks Pizza in Grass Valley, CA. Too late now. It closed. But for those of us that ate there, man was it gooood.
    Tuco the world.....

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    Re: 10 PLaces To Eat Before You Die

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    It's so subjective.
    I stil maintain that everyone should eat at The French Laundry in Napa before they die, yet this guy doesn't even mention it.
    Well no shit. The guy is plugging hot dogs. How can I respect his palate?

    There's a place called Smokin' Joes in Rodgers Arkansas. Cheap decor. Zero snob points. Inexpensive. Some of the best ribs you can find anywhere.

    But I'm partial to a place in Eden Prairie called Wildfire. It not only has some of the finest food you will ever eat. It is the place the Vikings take prospects such as Jared Allen to dine when they are trying to convince them to sign.

    There is a Vikings room that holds 10 and can be reserved.

    And almost every Vikings player, coach, and front office staff member has eaten there.

    I will be taking my family there Friday or Saturday night before the home opener.

    Great food. Great atmosphere. And you never know who you may run into!

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