Erinnn wrote:
Triedandtruevikes wrote:
shhhhh.... you're going to make me cry... I want to go to Portillo's now for a Vienna Beef and their fries!!
With a chocolate shake.

We had Portillo's for dinner Monday night, but if it makes you feel any better I'm a vegetarian so no hot dog. Although sometimes I order it to go w/out the dog and throw my own veggie dog on there, still delicious.

BloodyHorns82 wrote:
And for the's Chris and Tom's...not whatever I said earlier...

Chris and Tom's
The menu link doesn't work. I'm curious about whether or not they have the proper fries?

Now I'm hungry and all I brought for lunch was a weak salad.
I hate you forever!! The fries are the best part of portillo's so vegetarian or not, you get to enjoy them!!