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    10 biggest flakes in sports history

    Where have they all gone? =9453016

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    Re: 10 biggest flakes in sports history

    Finally get that Aflac commercial!

    Some funny dudes on that list

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    Re: 10 biggest flakes in sports history

    lol I forgot how weird Turk Wendell was. This is from his wikipedia page

    * Wendell insisted that the umpire roll the ball to the mound rather than simply throw it to him. If an umpire would ignorantly throw the ball to him, Wendell was known to let it go past him, or even to let it bounce off his chest, after which he would retrieve it from the ground.

    * Whenever he began a new inning, Wendell would turn and wave to the center fielder and wait for him to wave back before proceeding.

    * At the beginning of each inning, Wendell would reportedly draw three crosses in the pitcher's mound dirt.

    * Whenever his catcher stood, Wendell would crouch down.

    * When entering or leaving the field, Wendell would always take a tremendous leap over the baseline.

    * Wendell would chew black licorice (an alternative to the chewing tobacco used by many players).

    * Wendell often brushed his teeth between innings (some claim that he brushed between every inning). While brushing, he often hid in the dugout, either by ducking behind objects or by facing the wall.

    * Wendell forcefully slammed his rosin bag onto the pitcher's mound between outs.

    * Wendell wore jersey number 99, in honor of Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn, the main character in the movie Major League (played by Charlie Sheen). In addition, in 2000 he signed a contract worth $9,999,999.99.[1]

    * Wendell wore a necklace made from the claws and teeth of various animals he had hunted and killed.

    * While in the minor leagues, rumor was that he drank only orange juice (no food or any other drink) on days he pitched. But he also claimed to drink four cups of coffee before each start.

    * Wendell sometimes threw his glove into the stands when leaving a game.
    Skol Vikings! Go Cubs!


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