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    Traditional molting season is here again in Oregon

    [size=13pt]Traditional molting season is here again in Oregon[/size]

    Uniform posts are traditionally the refuge of the bored blogger. Oregon, on the other hand, in conjunction with their benevolent corporate overlords at Nike, has a tradition of pushing the boundaries of athletic fashion. The Ducks' last rollout, in 2006, offered no less than 384 possible game-day combinations, at least 380 of them manifestly hideous to most of mainstream America. That day-glo cornucopia somehow failing to satisfy, the Ducks unveiled their newest line today in a press conference that, unfortunately, was less "Paris runway" than "Eugene locker room." But these things sound exciting:

    • According to Nike, Oregon employs the "fastest-playing uniforms" in college football, which is probably unquantifiable with existing cloth-clocking technology. These duds also mark the deployment of something called "Nike Pro Combat," protective equipment allegedly integrated into the uni pieces themselves. Other new features touted by Nike: A 25 percent reduction in weight, more breathable materials, titanium belt rings, and "carbon textured anti-abrasion shoulder reinforcements," which sounds like it was made up on the spot but actually was probably engineered and market-tested into oblivion.

    • Players were active in the design process -- Nike sent reps to campus to meet with a few members the team and discuss what was most important to them in a new uniform. They would have skipped the middle man and gone straight to the Ducks' most important recruiting targets, but that would have been a violation or something.

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    Re: Traditional molting season is here again in Oregon

    Do you think they hire a person for the sole purpose of coming up with the ugliest unis possible?

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    Re: Traditional molting season is here again in Oregon

    The Ducks are probably my favorite college sports team... but these are disgusting.
    Disclaimer: I'm an idiot.

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