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Thread: SEC Football 08

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    SEC Football 08

    SEC Football is only a few months away, its time to get cracking! ;D

    SEC East
    Tennessee will still be nursing the absence of Ainge, as Fulmer tries to compete in a suddenly tougher conference, with the addition of some new coaches. Spurrier at South Carolina will be looking to bounce back after a year where the Gamecocks were one of the only 2 teams in the conference to get beat by a weak Commodores team. Vanderbilt will try again to sneak in another win behind Senior QB Adams but the loss of Earl Bennett to the draft will be huge for an offense that relied on most of its success through the air. Kentucky will be the team with the bigest dropoff in the conference following a season where they beat LSU but also lost to Miss. St at home, the loss of Woodson and the receiving threats gone, Kentucky should have another Rocky year, they might be able to sneak in a
    conference win on the road but that would a far reach as well. Florida comes in strong, as Heisman Tebow is in his third year, probably last, although Caldwell is gone, Harvin is still there and now they actually have a RB in Moody. Georgia already is being hailed as the best team in the SEC, while Knowshon Moreno is a beast, and Stafford is arguably the best QB in the conference there still needs to be proof from the recievers there to step their game up.

    SEC West
    Sylvester Croom made lots of noise last year as the Bulldogs beat Alabama, Ole Miss, kentucky and Auburn. They won't be able to fly under the radar this year as teams they face on the road come wanting revenge. Ole Miss will be in a better space with Nutt now at the helm since he had a better feel for the SEC conference that his predecessor Ogeron, but not having Jarvis Green Ellis, will hurt. Arkansas will benefit from having Bobby Petrino as a coach, i was ready to have them contending for the West if Ryan Mallet got the green light to play in 08 but the NCAA denied him that. Tommy Tuberville at Auburn will be banking on the athleticism of Kodi Burns to get some momentum on offense, the defense should be fine as it always is for the tigers. Les Miles is facing one of the toughest off seasons yet, its always hard for a coach to get his players to refocus on the season after winning a national title its even harder when you lose Stelz, Dorsey, Chevous Jackson, Hester and your top QB gets kicked off the team and you have a nation of Bama supporters waiting to see if you can win a tittle with "your" players and not "saban's". LSU should be fineif they don't make mistakes at QB, they do still have the backfield threat that is Holliday. And last but not least in the West, Nick Saban. When you finish 7-6 being paid 4 million a season, there better be some results , and boy did Saban come through brining in the top class according to every scouting report minus ESPN (sure espn knows everything cause they are certainly better than and Scouts right...Psych! :P) John Parker Wilson will be the rise and downfall of this team ext year as they look for consinstency from the QB before turning to hot prospect Star Jackson. Alabama has a pretty easy home schedule that indudes, Tyrell Johnson's alma-mater Arkansas State!

    Ultimately I see Alabama beating out LSU for the West as Miles will miss the seniors that won him a title and Saban's impact players on defense making a huge difference in the showdown down in Baton Rouge.

    In the East the winner is deadlocked between Florida and Georgia, while FL has the talent, they are holes on defense left by harvey and inconsistencies with RB Moody about howhe can't grasp the offense that leave me concerned. Georgia on the other hand has the team but the hype might get to them as it seems they are already expecting to be handed the crown. I expect the winner of the FL GA game to be the winner of the whole SEC.

    but lets be biased here we all know Saban runs this conference...ROOOOLLLLL Tide!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

    Let me have it wanna hear some thoughts!

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    Re: SEC Football 08

    Hell yeah! I can't wait for some SEC football. I like the Vols but it might be a tough year offensively, even though I'm holding out hope. Georgia looks to be an absolute powerhouse and National Title contender...

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    Re: SEC Football 08

    [size=20pt]U G A!![/size]

    Man i cant wait for NCAA Football, my dawgs is going to win it all, i can feel it..

    Everyone knows about Stafford and Moreno, but watch out for Caleb King, Rennie Curran, Rasheed Jones and Jeff Owens among many others..


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