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    OSU players jumping ship early?

    Looks like a bunch of their stars may be leaving early:

    Michigan fans' prayers must be getting heard and answered!

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    Re: OSU players jumping ship early?

    There has been some talk of that locally.

    Ginn and Pittman had previously stated that they wanted to stay.

    Last year we lost a lot of great Defensive players and the writers said our Defense would falter.
    Somebody always steps up and they did.

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    Re: OSU players jumping ship early?

    i dont like the sound of this one bit. didnt pittman already said he wanted to come back next year and win the heisman? and dosnt gonzales want to finish school and become a lawyer? man i hope they dont go. todd beocmen has got to have somebody to throw the ball to next year.
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    Re: OSU players jumping ship early?

    I don't know if it's possible, but I would love to land Ginn in the draft if he does come out this year.
    A speed receiver that can actually catch the ball, and that can return kicks/punts.


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