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Thread: Only in Miami

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    Only in Miami

    According to ESPN, Larry Coker, football head coach was fired Friday at Miami. Coker is 59-15 as the Hurricanes' coach, including a national title.
    If this guy was at virtually any other national college, especially at Minnesota, we'd think he is a HERO!
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    Re: Only in Miami

    Well thats just ridiculous.

    They had what was probably the best college football team of all time in 2001-2002 under this guy.

    The only reason he was fired was because Miami is now "Thug U" and recruits want to play football, not DIE. So they go somewhere else and they're losing new talent and they need someone to blame.

    Completely ridiculous.

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    Re: Only in Miami

    Too bad the Buckeyes ripped the title from their hands!

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    Re: Only in Miami

    Yeah, but look at what he was handed! Most halfway decent coaches could have gone in and won that title. I'm not saying he's a bad coach, but in recent years they haven't sniffed the title and those were his recruits that turned the Miami program into thug life!

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    Re: Only in Miami

    The Huskers wouldn't put up with that record. That was about Frank Solichs record, they gave him the boot.
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    Re: Only in Miami

    the big three down here have to dominant, there is no excuses. you have to win, only thing keeping bobby bowden at fsu is the record(most wins) and his history. this state had a decade or more of dominance. all three were usually in the top 10 or top 5 every year. people get used to that. granted the scandals and deaths are influencing alot of losses. i have been a fsu fan forever and i hate miami but i respect that team. and i want them to be good so the victory over them is more impressive.

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