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    Re: OMG the Gophers are REALLY bad...

    I really cannot remember watching a Division I-A school that looked this bad in a while ... not from a major conference ... they are worse than I even recall Duke being in the last few years.

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    Re: OMG the Gophers are REALLY bad...

    Perhaps they could start scheduling games against some local community colleges to help boost morale.....

    Trust me, I'm a doctor.

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    Re: OMG the Gophers are REALLY bad...

    One 5 star recruit, but he is going to Notre Dame.
    Can't compete when other schools get a ton of 5 star recruits.

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    Re: OMG the Gophers are REALLY bad...


    Bison fans were tooting their horns after Saturday’s win over the Gophers.

    But during the game, North Dakota State University’s band was all but silenced.

    Band director Warren Olfert said he’s disappointed the University of Minnesota deviated from past practice and only let his band perform for 15 minutes total.

    Olfert didn’t hear directly from the U of M athletic official who made the decision, but others told him it was because the Bison had too many fans.

    “They didn’t want our fans to get fired up more than they should, so this guy decided to take the band out of the equation,” Olfert said.

    Scott Ellison, the U of M associate athletic director who made the decision, did not return calls seeking comment Monday.

    Last year when the two teams met at the Metrodome, the NDSU Gold Star Band played each time the Bison had the ball and rotated performing during the timeouts, Olfert said.

    NDSU was under the impression they’d operate the same way this year.

    But right before the game on Saturday, NDSU drum major Mike Lehmann learned their play time was going to be limited.

    The band performed theme songs from James Bond movies for three minutes during the pre-game performance and seven minutes during halftime, Olfert said.

    They played “On Bison” each time NDSU scored a touchdown.

    “Fortunately they scored fairly often,” Lehmann said.

    But for the rest of the game, the 90 NDSU band members were spectators.

    “To me, it was shock that we weren’t going to get a chance to play,” said Lehmann, a senior and third-year drum major.

    The staff of the 305-member U of M band lobbied hard to athletic officials to allow NDSU to perform, Olfert said.

    “They were just outraged,” he said. “They were furious that a visiting band would be treated like that.”

    If NDSU had known ahead of time how limited the band’s play time was going to be, it might not have traveled the 250 miles, Olfert said.

    Transporting the students with two buses and providing them hotel rooms Friday night so they could be at Saturday’s 7:30 a.m. rehearsal cost the band about $8,000, he said.

    “That’s a real misuse of money from my perspective,” Olfert said.

    Olfert said he plans to write a letter to the U of M protesting the decision, and he anticipates others within the music department will, too.

    The NDSU students made the best of the situation, though, and took an opportunity at the end of the game while Bison fans were still mingling to play “On Bison” to the crowd.

    Long after most fans left, the two bands joined for a post-game performance, trading tunes and mingling, Olfert said.

    If the U of M really wanted to quiet the Bison fans, restricting the band was “pretty petty,” he said.

    “And it didn’t work.”

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    Re: OMG the Gophers are REALLY bad...

    That's a load of bull.

    Meh...we beat the shit out of them; that's all I care about.

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