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    Re: Notre Dame loses 9th straight Bowl game

    Notre Dame was such a huge let down this year. I am not even an Irish fan, but watching how good Brady Quinn is (and he is probably the best player in college football) and seeing how few weapons he has to work with blows my mind. This school regularly gets interest from top tier players and still cannt get back into the top 5 after all of these years. Weiss needs to find defensive help quick. They might not win 7 games without Quinn next season.

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    Re: Notre Dame loses 9th straight Bowl game


    1. Notre Dame hasn't won a bowl game in their last 8 attempts. And they've only been to 27 bowl games.

    2. Notre Dame's fan base consists predominantly of fans who couldn't get into Notre Dame and have no idea where South Bend is on a map.

    3. Notre Dame has a losing bowl record. And they've only been to 27 bowl games.

    4. Notre Dame's Heisman winners are the product of popularity contests, not the product of the best performance by football players.

    5. Similarly, Notre Dame's "national championships" are the result of popularity, and not the result of being the best team. You can be popular without being good. For example, consider the popularity of McDonald's and soccer.

    6. Notre Dame's record in the past 50 years isn't in the top 10.

    7. Notre Dame fans cite their record of excellence, despite most of their success occurring when the Charleston was popular.

    The fight song is just terrible. Fortunately, we only have to hear it before the game.

    9. Notre Dame has had major NCAA violations and went on probation for two years.

    10. Notre Dame has had several incidents of racism.

    11. Notre Dame represents itself as THE Catholic institution of higher learning, which is arrogant and untrue. There are many fine Catholic universities, such as Boston College and Georgetown.

    12. Notre Dame represents itself as THE Catholic football factory. Perhaps someone should inform the Domers that recently, Boston College has the better record. And Boston College has faced a tougher schedule.

    13. Firing Ty Willingham after 3 years, yet letting Faust stay on for 5 years. If you say this is a case of Notre Dame learning from their mistakes, then realize that Willingham had a better first year than Weis.

    14. Hiring George O'Leary.

    15. Joe Theismann.

    16. Changing the pronounciation of one's surname from THEEZ-man to rhyme with Heisman. What a sellout!

    17. Afraid to join a conference like the Big Ten. Could it be because Notre Dame has a losing record against the Big Ten since 1994?

    18. Holier than thou attitude.

    19. Fourth and short Jesus.

    20. Exclusive TV contract with NBC, yet ever-forgetful of what Christ said: "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" (Matthew 19:24).

    21. Notre Dame is always overrated by pollsters in pre-season polls, as evidenced by this study.

    22. Notre Dame is always overrated in final polls, as evidenced by their bowl record. And they've only been to 27 bowl games.

    23. The favoritism shown towards Notre Dame by media idiots like Beano Cook and Tom Lemming.

    24. The Notre Dame hype machine.

    25. That this is the only top 25 list Notre Dame deserves to be on.

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    Re: Notre Dame loses 9th straight Bowl game

    Jim Tressel dies, and goes to heaven. When he arrived, St. Peter was waiting for him.
    He began to show him around the neighborhood, and eventually reached his dwelling.
    It was a nice log cabin with an OSU flag out front.
    They continued walking and eventually reached a huge 3 story mansion with tons
    of Notre Dame decor in the yard and on the house. Tressel gets angry, and looks
    over at St. Peter.

    "Why does Charlie Weis get a mansion, while I’m stuck in a log cabin?
    Sure it’s nice, but he gets this? The guy can’t even lead his team to a
    bowl game victory for Christ sake!" Tressel yells.

    St. Peter replies, "Jim, that’s not Charlie Weis' house, that’s God’s."





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    Re: Notre Dame loses 9th straight Bowl game

    Yeah, what he said ultra!!!

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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